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New Aspects of Virtual Sound Source Localization Research—Impact of Visual Angle and 3-D Video Content on Sound Perception

Human beings create an internal picture of the external work by combining the information in all their sense. For example, an image can influence the localization of a virtual sound source, called the “image proximity effect.” And, similarly, the visual presentation of someone talking can strongly influence the perception of phonemes, called the “ventriloquism effect.” This paper focuses on two other aspects related to the multimodal effect: the influence of the screen size on the observed shift of the virtual sound source, and the relationship between the observed image proximity effect and the stereoscopic depth of a 3-D object. Experimental results showed that the visual angle of the presented object determines the image proximity effect regardless of the screen size.

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JAES Volume 61 Issue 5 pp. 280-289; May 2013
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