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Applying Spatial Audio to Human Interfaces: 25 Years of NASA Experience
“GABRIEL”: Geo-Aware BRoadcasting for In-Vehicle Entertainment and Localizability
Characteristics of Near-Field Head-Related Transfer Function for KEMAR
Theoretical Study and Numerical Analysis of 3-D Sound Field Reproduction System Based on Directional Microphones and Boundary Surface Control
Application of Synchronous Averaging Method in Frequency Domain for Asynchronous System to Sound Distance Measurement
A Spherical Microphone Array for Synthesizing Virtual Directive Microphones in Live Broadcasting and in Post Production
Sound Field Extrapolation: Inverse Problems, Virtual Microphone Arrays, and Spatial Filters
Validation of a Simple Spherical Head Model as a Signal Capture Device for Head-Movement-Aware Prediction of Perceived Spatial Impression
Perceptual Localization of a Phantom Sound Image for Ultrahigh-Definition TV
Speech Intelligibility in Teleconference Application of Directional Audio Coding
Effects of Individualized Headphone Correction on Front/Back Discrimination of Virtual Sound Sources Displayed Using Individualized Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)
Learning to Remediate Sound Localization in the Median Plane Using a Virtual Auditory Display
Evaluation of a Speech-Based and Binaural Speech Transmission Index
Listening and Conversational Quality of Spatial Audio Conferencing
Three-Dimensional Sound Field Analysis with Directional Audio Coding Based on Signal Adaptive Parameter Estimators
Signal Models and Upmixing Techniques for Generating Multichannel Audio
Multichannel Audio Coding Based on Minimum Audible Angles
Comparison of Higher Order Ambisonics and Wave Field Synthesis with Respect to Spatial Discretization Artifacts in Time Domain
Some Recent Works on Head-Related Transfer Functions and Virtual Auditory Display in China
Sound Generators Using Electroactive Elastomer for Multichannel Audio
Local Sound Field Synthesis by Virtual Secondary Sources
A Novel Design for a Gel-Type DML Transducer Incorporating a Solid Panel Projecting Multiple Independent Sound Sources
A New Method for B-Format to Binaural Transcoding
A Virtual Acoustic Film Dubbing Stage
Sound Image Localization Tests of a 21-Channel Surround System
Sound Field Reproduction by Wavefront Synthesis Using Directly Aligned Multi Point Control
A Design Tool to Produce Optimized Ambisonic Decoders
Space Builder: An Impulse Response-Based Tool for Immersive 22.2 Channel Ambiance Design
Binaural Reverberation Using Two Parallel Feedback Delay Networks
Sparse Frequency-Domain Reverberator
Creation of Binaural Impulse Responses for High-Presence Reproduction
Design and Implementation of an Interactive Room Simulation for Wave Field Synthesis
The Effect of Processing Two Overhead Channels on the Spatial Impression of Virtual Rooms Rendered in Eight-Channel Surround Sound
Perception of Sound Image Elevation in Various Acoustic Environments
Live Production of 22.2 Multichannel Sound for Sports Programs
Evaluating Candidate Sets of Head-Related Transfer Functions for Control of Virtual Source Elevation
Investigating Listeners' Localization of Virtually Elevated Sound Sources
Influence of the Listening Position in the Perception of Elevated Sources in Wave-Field Synthesis
Improved ITD Estimation in Reverberant Environments
Inverse Wave Propagation in Wave Field Synthesis
Sound Field Equalization by Active Acoustic Impedance Control
Spatial Audio and Reverberation in an Augmented Reality Game Sound Design
Real-Time Tracking of Speech Sources Using Binaural Audio and Orientation Tracking
Developing Common Attributes to Evaluate Spatial Impression of Surround Sound Recording
Interactive Enhancement of Stereo Recordings Using Time-Frequency Selective Panning
Standardization of PEAQ-MC: Extension of ITU-R BS.1387-1 to Multichannel Audio
On the Influence Coding Method on Japanese Speech Intelligibility in Virtual 3-D Audio Space
Microphone Configurations for Teleconference Application of Directional Audio Coding and Subjective Evaluation
Acoustic Measurement System for 3-D Loudspeaker Set-Ups
Spatial Audio Analysis Based on Perceptually Empirical Mode Decomposition
Sound Field Reproduction Applied to Flight Vehicles Sound Environments
Wave Front Reconstruction Using the Spatial Covariance Matrices Method
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