Dave's List of local attractions

Dave’s list of local attractions
Fine beer, coffee and live music in downtown Montreal. 
      Benelux* (245 Sherbrooke West)
      Le Saint-Bock (1749 Saint Denis)
      Dieu du ciel (29 Laurier West)
Wine bars
      Pullman* (3424 du Parc)
      Furco* (425 Mayor)
Coffee shops
      Pikolo* (3418 du Parc)
      Cafe Humble Lion* (904 SH)
Live rock music
      Divan Orange (4234 Saint Laurent)
      Sala Rossa (4848 Saint Laurent)
      Casa del Populo (4873 Saint Laurent)
Live jazz
      Upstairs (1254 Mackay) 
      Diese onze (4115A Saint Denis)
Montreal-style bagels
      Fairmount bagel bakery (74 Avenue Fairmount West)
      St. Viateur bagel bakery (263 Rue Saint Viateur West)

Sites within walking distance of the conference are indicated with an asterisk (*) and are shown above. A complete map of all sites is here (




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