Exhibition / Sponsorship

at the 58th AES conference 2015

An exhibition space will be made available for companies that choose to sign up as exhibitor, and agree to sponsor the conference.

The exhibition space is in the "rim" of the room of the grand lecture hall, and will be passed by the conference attendants on a regularĀ  basis. The exhibition will be in conjunction with the area, where coffee is served during breaks.

An exclusive time slot is reserved on Monday afternoon for the exhibition. Exhibitors may set up for the entire conference, or just for Monday or Monday-Tuesday appearance. At least one employee of the company must, however, register and pay for participation in the entire conference.

A 240 V 2 kW power plug will be provided for each exhibitor. A table and two chairs will be provided on request (with no additional charges).

The standard size for the exhibition space is approx. six squaremeters (2 by 3 metres). This will be provided in return for a sponsorship of 1000 USD (payable to AES).

The logo of the company will be made visible on the AES conference webpage shortly after the organizers receive the logo in web format, and after a commitment to sponsor has been sent to the conference chairman <[email protected]>. The organizing committee will recognize the sponsorship of the conference in any relevant communication (during opening and closing ceremony, at the banquet, and in any printed, or electronic material produced).

An invoice from the AES HQ will follow shortly after with standard AES billing terms.

By requesting exhibition space at the conference, the exhibitor accepts these terms.

AES - Audio Engineering Society