Panel 4


Panel Discussion: Use Cases for High Performance Audio-over-IP in Broadcast Facilities

Stefan Ledergerber (Lawo), session chair

Sunday, Nov. 20, 4:30pm, CalIT2 Auditorium


4:30. Introduction

4:35. Lars Jonsson, Sveriges Radio AB

Lars Jonsson will discuss some projects and programming examples from Sveriges Radio’s use of Audio over IP.


4:50. Sonja Langhans, IRT

Sonja Langhans will present some near-future use cases and the problems and benefits they induce.


5:05. Greg Shay, Telos

How the particular demands of radio broadcast were the mother of invention of a digital audio network technology. The contrast of a bottom up vs top down design of a digital audio network technology. Examination of the broadcast use case drivers and details of the resulting solution, with some specific metrics of successful, large installations.  


5:20. Axel Holzinger, ALC Networkx 

In today’s broadcasting houses kilometers of dedicated audio connections and cabling are running through the whole building. Especially in the master control room and in the onair studios interfaces like AES/EBU and MADI are heavily used. If switching of studios or in fail over mode, audio signals have to be switched with dedicated cross matrix switches. Any needed cabling has to be planned and has already to be in place.

With audio over IP technologies the whole setup will become much lighter and more flexible. As networks support technologies like multicast (one to many) the audio signals can be sent to virtually any place in the broadcasting house. Switching studios can be done with a mouse click. Even the migration from stereo to 5.1 can be done without moving a single cable.


5:35. Q&A

6:15. End of session



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