Demonstration 1


Demonstration and Panel Discussion: Network Control Protocols

Richard Foss (University of Rhodes), session chair

Friday, Nov. 18, 4:00pm, CalIT2 Theater


In this session a number of industry experts will describe and demonstrate how they have enabled the discovery of audio devices on local area networks, their subsequent connection management, and also control over their various parameters.  Some demonstrations will focus on the layer 2 and layer 3 details that enable the deterministic transmission of audio between end stations, for example bandwidth management and synchronization, while others will concentrate on protocol structures and applications that enable control over the multiple parameters of audio devices.


4:00. Introduction

4:05. Aidan Williams, Audinate

4:20. Jeff Berryman, Bosch

4:35. Lee Minich, LabX

4:50. Robbie Gurdan, UMAN

5:05. Jeff Koftinoff, MeyerSound

5:15. Q&A

5:30. Individual testing, demonstration, and questions

6:30. End of session




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