AES 43rd Conference: Venue & Accomodation



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Venue information

 The conference will be held at POSCO International Center, where you will stay for accommodation as well. The Hotel is located within POSTECH(Pohang University of Science & Technology).


  POSCO International Center

  San 31, Hyoja-Dong, Nam-Gu,

  Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Korea

  Tel: +82 54 279 8500

  Fax: +82 54 279 8519


  e-mail: [email protected]



Venue Location

Click Here to Download map of Pohang.










From Pohang Airport

Airport Rail: Incheon International Airport à Gimpo Domestic Airport (30 min)

Flight: Gimpo Airport à Pohang Airport (50 min)

Taxi: Pohang Airport à POSCO International Center (30 min)


From Shin-Gyeongju Train Station

KTX Train: Seoul station à Shin-Gyeongju station (2 Hours)

Express Bus: Shin-Gyeongju station à Pohang Bus terminal (30 min)

Taxi: Pohang Bus terminal à POSCO International Center (10 min)


 If you wish to be contacted with conference updates please click here.


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