Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations


POSCO International Center in Pohang is also a great place to plan tours to one of Korea's most famous travel destinations. Two of UNESCO Cultural Heritage, Yangdong folk village and Gyoengju historic area is nearby.


Yangdong Folk Village


Hahoe and Yangdong Villages are the oldest and most excellent examples of clan villages in Korea, a form of settlement that characterized the Joseon period. They also represent the two typical modes by which these clan villages were formed: pioneering settlement and moving into the wife's maiden hometown. Yangdong Village has for generations kept in safe custody old records, documents, and artistic works, the academic and cultural achievements of Joseon's Confucian scholars. The Village maintains even today the highest level of traditional family rituals and characteristic village events that were performed by the Confucian scholars of the Joseon period.


Gyeongju Historic Area


                                                                  Gyeongju Historic Area(Seokguram Grotto)

The Gyeongju Historic Areas contain a remarkable concentration of outstanding examples of Korean Buddhist art, in the form of sculptures, reliefs, pagodas, and the remains of temples and palaces from the flowering, in particular between the 7th and 10th centuries, of this form of unique artistic expression.

Anapji(left) and Cheomseongdae Observatory(right), also in Gyeongju historic area      

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