Program: Workshop 8

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  A women in white is wearing headphones and looking up. Text above her head says '2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio. March 27-29, 2019. York, UK.


Workshop 8 - Virtual Hemispherical Amplitude Panning (VHAP) - 3D panning without Height Speakers


Hyunkook Lee


This session will introduce and demonstrate Virtual Hemispherical Amplitude Panning (VHAP), which is a new virtual 3D panning method using only three or four loudspeakers in the horizontal plane. VHAP was developed based on a psychoacoustic phenomenon called the phantom image elevation effect, which was first found by de Boer in 1947 and was recently studied extensively by the presenter of this workshop. The workshop/tutorial session will introduce theoretical aspects of the effect first, followed by binaural demonstrations of a VHAP plugin and discussions on the practical use of VHAP for immersive audio content creation for both loudspeaker and binaural headphone reproduction environments. Practical demos will include examples of binaural music production and soundscape design using the VHAP plugin.

AES - Audio Engineering Society