Program: Workshop 2

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  A women in white is wearing headphones and looking up. Text above her head says '2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio. March 27-29, 2019. York, UK.


Workshop 2 - Cross-talk Cancellation Systems: past, present, & future


Filippo Maria Fazi, Eric Hamdan, Jacob Hollebon and Marcos Simon Galvez


When binaural audio is mentioned, we often think about headphone reproduction. The reproduction of binaural audio through two or more loudspeakers is, however, an attractive and widely-accepted alternative. Such systems are referred to as Cross-Talk Cancellation Systems (CTCS). In this workshop, we will cover the theoretical and practical fundamentals of CTCS, discussing their advantages and limitations. We will do that with the support of real-time practical demonstrations. We will also introduce and demonstrate some more advanced topics, like multi-channel CTCS (i.e. loudspeaker arrays), multi-listener CTCS (i.e. for cinemas), and position-adaptive CTCS (with listener tracking). This workshop will also introduce and explain the technology of CTCS demonstrations that conference attendees will be able to attend over the course of this conference.

AES - Audio Engineering Society