Program: Tutorial DT1

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  A women in white is wearing headphones and looking up. Text above her head says '2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio. March 27-29, 2019. York, UK.


Tutorial DT1 - Interactive low-delay audio processing using the open source toolbox for acoustic scene creation and rendering (TASCAR)


Giso Grimm


This workshop will show how to create interactive virtual acoustic environments in TASCAR [1], and how to render it via headphones or loudspeakers. The workshop covers three application areas: As an example application from hearing aid research and audiology, it will be shown how to measure the benefit of a directional hearing aid in terms of SNR in real-time. The listening position can be interactively controlled in a virtual acoustic environment. As a second application it will be demonstrated how to couple the audio engine with a game engine for visual rendering, using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. The third topic covers the application of the toolbox for low-delay real-time processing in concert applications. It will be shown how to use the toolbox for head-tracked in-ear monitoring with virtual acoustics, and how it can be applied for low-delay spatialization of acoustic instruments [2]. 

Project funded by DFG SFB 1330 project B1. 


[1] Grimm, G., Luberadzka, J., Herzke, T., & Hohmann, V. (2015). Toolbox for acoustic scene creation and rendering (TASCAR)-Render methods and research applications. In Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference, Mainz. 


AES - Audio Engineering Society