Program: Demo DT13

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  A women in white is wearing headphones and looking up. Text above her head says '2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio. March 27-29, 2019. York, UK.


Demo DT13 - Video game tools for spatial composition: VR hands-on demonstration


R. Stevens, D.  Raybould and N.  Stavropoulos


The articulation of acoustic space as another expressive compositional parameter has been inherent to electroacoustic music since its inception, but the technologies available to composers lack the ability to record and articulate movement in 3D space in a naturalistic way. This workshop demonstration will explore how video game technologies may provide new affordances for the electroacoustic composer. The authors will discuss their recent research using the Unreal Game Engine as a vehicle for the visualization, capture, and playback of movement in acoustic space, as well as the potential for the control of discrete coherent sound fields, and the use of stochastic processes for electroacoustic composition. Through a demonstration of the tools developed using the game engine and Oculus Rift VR kit participants will be able to explore examples of the works in progress and envision how the use of gaming technology might serve either as a complete compositional platform, as a tool to generate compositional ideas, or as a vehicle for new interactive and performative approaches. 

AES - Audio Engineering Society