Welcome from the Conference Co-Chairs

2019 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics

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Audio forensics conference


Welcome from the Co-Chairs

It is with great pleasure that the Organizing Committee welcomes you to the 2019 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics, which takes place at the Holiday Inn in Gaia/Porto, Portugal, from June 18th to June 20th.

Audio Forensics is gaining importance every day. First, this is explained by the diversity of technical factors influencing the generation, recording, communication, and storage of sensitive audio information that has relevant social, legal, safety, and criminal implications.  Second, audio forensics relies on formal and scientifically grounded examination procedures that are required to objectively settle disputed claims concerning, for example, the integrity, authenticity, and identification of audio information. These factors are the motivation for the theme of our conference, “Trust Powered by Science.” The theme emphasizes that the value and credibility of our art and professional activity are supported by research, consolidated practice, and scientific criteria, rather than by criteria inspired by opinion, culture, or belief.

Our conference offers a rich program including two keynotes by eminent scientists, three tutorials, two workshops, eight oral paper sessions comprising 19 scientific papers, and a special Platinum Talks session where Platinum Sponsors address the innovation created by their companies.

This is the seventh conference organized by the Audio Engineering Society on Audio Forensics. We anticipate that it will adhere to the spirit of previous editions in that it is a truly special - and even eclectic – event. The delegates include forensic experts, researchers, educators, students and practitioners, who represent a rich plethora of disciplines including acoustics, audition and signal processing, and addressing technological advances in areas such as signal analysis, enhancement, and speaker identification.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to thank all those who contributed to a strong conference program and to make it a reality. We wish that all participants share the new knowledge and expertise this conference promotes, but also enjoy the unique experiences that the beautiful cities of Gaia and Porto have to offer.


Aníbal Ferreira, Co-Chair

Eddy Brixen, Co-Chair


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