2016 Sound Field Control Conference Demonstrations

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Demonstrations to be presented

There will be a fascinating program of demonstrations which will include personal sound zones, 3D audio capture, adaptive object-based stereo reproduction and ultrasonic levitation, among other fascinating listening opportunities. Please contact if there are any questions about demos. 

Bridging Near and Far Acoustical Fields; a Hybrid Systems Approach to Improved Dimensionality in Multi-Listener Spaces.
Peter Otto and Eric Hardman
Planarity-based sound field control & robust personal audio
Philip Coleman and Qiaoxi Zhu
Demonstration of a spherical source with 32 loudspeakers
Angelo Farina
Listener position adaptive loudspeaker array for binaural audio and personal audio reproduction
Marcos Simon Galvez
Listener position adaptive object-based stereo
Dylan Menzies
Personal sound zones using a compact hemi-cylindrical loudspeaker array
Falk-Martin Hoffman
Cross-talk cancellation for headrest sound reproduction
Charlie House
The effect of acoustic crosstalk on phantom image elevation over headphones
Hyunkook Lee
Ultrasonic Levitation
Bruce Drinkwater
Audio upmixing using single-channel source separation
Gerard Roma
The Turning Forest VR - A Cinematic VR Experience with High Quality 3D Binaural Sound
Chris Pike


The Surrey Sound Sphere will be used to demonstrate recent research on personal sound zones. 


A hemispherical loudspeaker array will be used to demonstrate the generation of personal sound zones. 


This linear array will be used to demonstrate listener position adaptive binaural audio.

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