Keynote Speakers

The conference will feature the following invited lectures:

1. Dr. Veronique Larcher

Global Director of Strategic Innovation at Sennheiser Electronic Corporation in the USA, will talk about new applications for binaural immersive audio and how consumers really define headphone audio quality.

2. Dr. Volker Hohmann

Professor of Signal Processing for Medical Physics at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, will give a lecture on auditory signal processing for binaural assistive listening devices (ALDs).

3. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel

Honorary Professor on Electroacoustics at Technical University Dresden and owner of Klippel GmbH, will talk about the convergence between traditional headphone transducers and microdrivers.

4. Dr. Andrew Bright

Managing Director of GoerTek Audio Technologies, will give a talk with an industry perspective on headphone technology R&D.

AES - Audio Engineering Society