Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference: Committee

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Co-Chairs: Andres Mayo, Linda Gedemer


Tutorials and Workshops:

Business & Finance Chair/Treasurer: Richard Wollrich

International Sales: Graham Kirk

Event Logistics Chair: Greg Kadorian

Secretary: Brian Seagrave

Social Media Coordinator: Pablo "Tango" Formica

Website Coordinator: Gary Epstein

Convention Volunteer Coordinator: Steven O'Hara

Session Chair: Sarah Stevenson

Andres Mayo


Linda Gedemer


Brian Seagrave


Chris Cain

Richard Wollrich

Business & Finance

Graham Kirk

International Sales

Greg Kadorian

Logistics Chair

Pablo "Tango" Formica

Social Media

Gary Epstein

Website Coordinator

Stephen O'Hara

Volunteer Coordinator


Sarah Stevenson

Session Chair



Andres Mayo is founder/president of Andres Mayo Mastering & Audio Post, and also past-President of the Audio Engineering Society from October 2014 thru October 2015. He is a two-times Grammy-winning audio engineer and a producer with 25+ years of experience, with credits on more than 2,000 titles released on vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and/or web streaming, working for artists from Latin America, US, Spain, France, Germany and many other parts of the world. In 2014, Andres founded LatinVR, a company devoted to VR content production. He served as VP Latin America from 2005 thru 2009, later becoming Co-Chair of the Technical Committee for Recording Technology and Practices, and also judged at the latest AES International Recording Competitions. In 2009, Andres received the AES Board of Governors Award in recognition of co-chairing the AES Latin American Conference in Buenos Aires, and in 2011 was presented with the AES Citation Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Latin American Professional Audio Community.


For 27 years co-chair Linda A. Gedemer has worked as an AV systems consultant and project manager in the development of media production and presentation systems worldwide. She is also an acoustic consultant working in architectural acoustics. She has been actively involved in audio post-production work for many years. In addition, for 12 years Linda served as an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University as part of LMU’s School of Film and Television. Linda received her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and completed her internship at Universal Recording in Chicago; she then relocated to Los Angeles, and began her career as an AV systems designer with such companies as Walt Disney Imagineering. She attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she earned her Master of Science in Acoustics. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD at the University of Salford, UK, and works as a post-graduate researcher at Harman International. She also serves as CTO of Source Sound VR.



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