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AES Student Competitions Deadlines Coming Up on Monday, April 27. Register Now!

AES Student Competitions Deadlines Coming Up on Monday, April 27. Register Now!

Every AES Convention hosts the Student Recording Competition and the Saul Walker Student Design Competition, where students present their projects to peers and a jury of industry legends. In return, they receive invaluable feedbac and, possibly, eternal fame commemerated by a beautiful certificate. Oh, and there are tons of prizes!  

For COVID-19-driven reasons, the AES Student Delegate Assemby will be hosting these competitions online this year as part of the AES Virtual Vienna  event, which means the format will be slightly different. 

To sign up:

- you need to be a current AES Student Member (if you’re not, become one now!

- be registered for the AES Virtual Event. You can register through your AES member portal here  

- to enter the Student Recording Competition, go to https://secure.aes.org/events/competitions/?ID=50

- to enter the Student Design Competition, go to https://secure.aes.org/events/competitions/?ID=49

The submission deadline is April 27th midnight ET.  Don't miss it!

Other than this, the requirements are the same as previous years. The jury and audience participation remains at the core of the experience of competing!  

Please familiarize yourself with the competition rules before submitting. 

SRC: http://www.aes.org/students/awards/recording/

SDC: http://www.aes.org/students/awards/design/ 

For any membership/website issues, contact us here

While we are very sorry to not be meeting in person with our fellow students in Vienna, the SDA is putting together a not-to-be-missed program of virtual events – more details are coming very soon. We are very excited by the opportunity that this year's change in format presents for more participants than ever to submit unique contributions from all corners of the world.

Posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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