AES Awards

The AES recognizes and honors those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of audio in engineering, technology, service, and the arts through its Awards Program.

All AES members worldwide are eligible for the various awards listed below.

Types of Awards


Silver, Gold, Distinguished Service Medal

  • The AES Gold Medal Award (formerly The John H. Potts Memorial Award) is given in recognition of outstanding achievements, sustained over a period of years, in the field of Audio Engineering.
  • The Silver Medal Award (formerly the Emile Berliner Award) is given in recognition of outstanding development or achievement in the field of audio engineering.
  • The Bronze Medal Award (formerly the AES Award) is given to a person who has helped significantly in the advancement of the Society.
  • The Distinguished Service Medal Award is given in recognition of extraordinary service to the Society over a period of years.
  • The Publications Award is given each year, alternately, to an author under 35 years of age and to an author regardless of age for the outstanding paper published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society during the previous two years.
  • An Honorary Member is a person of outstanding repute and eminence in the science of audio engineering or its allied arts.
  • Citations are given in recognition of services or accomplishments which do not fit into any of the above categories.
  • The Board of Governors Award may be given to any member rendering exceptional service to the Society.
  • The Fellowship Award is given to a member who had rendered conspicuous service or is recognized to have made a valuable contribution to the advancement in or dissemination of knowledge of audio engineering or in the promotion of its application in practice.
  • Except for the Honorary Membership and Citation, awards shall be granted only to members in good standing.

Awards Nominations

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Awards Guidelines

Past Awards Recipients

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Enda Bates Board of Governors Award 2020
Peter Chapman Board of Governors Award 2020
Filippo Maria Fazi Fellowship Award 2020
Ben Kok Board of Governors Award 2020
Heather Lane Fellowship Award 2020
Damian Murphy Board of Governors Award 2020
Ingemar Ohlsson Fellowship Award 2020
Maryam Safi Board of Governors Award 2020
Al Schmitt Fellowship Award 2020
Robert Schulein Board of Governors Award 2020
Tony Agnello Fellowship Award 2019
Jamie A. S. Angus-Whiteoak Silver Medal Award 2019
Marina Bosi Silver Medal Award 2019
Joel Brito Fellowship Award 2019
John Dawson Fellowship Award 2019
Martha de Francisco Fellowship Award 2019
Louis D. Fielder Silver Medal Award 2019
Grandmaster Flash Honorary Member 2019
Paul Gallo Board of Governors Award 2019
Toru Kamekawa Board of Governors Award 2019
Gavin Kearney Board of Governors Award 2019
Michael Kelly Fellowship Award 2019
John Krivit Fellowship Award 2019
John Krivit Board of Governors Award 2019
Mariana Lopez Board of Governors Award 2019
Garry Margolis Distinguished Service Medal 2019
Pat Parker Citation 2019
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Fellowship Award 2019
Josh Reiss Fellowship Award 2019
Michael Santucci Board of Governors Award 2019
Jim Starzynski Board of Governors Award 2019
Takehiro Sugimoto Fellowship Award 2019
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors Award 2019
Christian Uhle Board of Governors Award 2019
Yuko Watanabe Board of Governors Award 2019
Terri Winston Fellowship Award 2019
Jonathan Wyner Board of Governors Award 2019
David Bialik Distinguished Service Medal 2018
Gustavo Borner Fellowship 2018
Eddy B. Brixen Board of Governors 2018
Edgar Choueiri Board of Governors 2018
Christopher Freitag Fellowship 2018
Linda Gedemer Board of Governors 2018
Leslie Ann Jones Fellowship 2018
Maurycy Kin Board of Governors 2018
Matt Klassen Board of Governors 2018
Hyunkook Lee Fellowship 2018
Andres Mayo Board of Governors 2018
Andres Mayo Fellowship 2018
Bruce Olson Fellowship 2018
Valeria Palomino Board of Governors 2018
Alberto Pinto Board of Governors 2018
Xiaojun Qiu Fellowship 2018
Daniel Rappaport Board of Governors 2018
Agnieszka Roginska Board of Governors 2018
Rafa Sardina Fellowship 2018
Lawrence Schwedler Board of Governors 2018
Jeff Smith Board of Governors 2018
Sascha Spors Board of Governors 2018
Nadja Wallaszkovits Board of Governors 2018
Nadja Wallaszkovits Board of Governors 2018
Frank Wells Fellowship 2018
Mark Davis Silver Medal 2017
Linda Gedemer Board of Governors 2017
Malcolm Omar Hawksford Gold Medal 2017
Philip Jackson Board of Governors 2017
Maurycy Kin Board of Governors 2017
Wolfgang Klippel Silver Medal 2017
Clair Krepps Citation 2017
Tapio Lokki Fellowship 2017
Michael MacDonald Board of Governors 2017
Michael MacDonald Board of Governors 2017
Daniel Mapes-Riordan Fellowship 2017
Andres Mayo Board of Governors 2017
Mandy Parnell Fellowship 2017
Ville Pulkki Silver Medal 2017
Tim Ryan Board of Governors 2017
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors 2017
Toon van Waterschoot Board of Governors 2017
Michael Williams Board of Governors 2017
Mark Yonge Distinguished Service Medal 2017
Jim Anderson Board of Governors 2016
Mauricio Ardila Fellowship 2016
David Bialik Board of Governors 2016
Diana Deutsch Gold Medal 2016
Filippo Fazi Board of Governors 2016
Andres Felipe Millan Board of Governors 2016
Dave Fisher Fellowship 2016
Paul Gallo Board of Governors 2016
Dorte Hammershøi Board of Governors 2016
Patrick Hegarty Board of Governors 2016
David Josephson Fellowship 2016
Bob Katz Fellowship 2016
D. B. “Don” Keele, Jr. Gold Medal 2016
Michael Kelly Board of Governors 2016
Ralph Kessler Fellowship 2016
Bert Kraaijpoel Board of Governors 2016
Brian C. J. Moore Fellowship 2016
Fabio Nicholls Board of Governors 2016
Rozenn Nicol Fellowship 2016
Sean Olive Board of Governors 2016
Kazuho Ono Fellowship 2016
Don Puluse Silver Medal 2016
Juan San Martin Citation 2016
Neil Shaw Board of Governors 2016
Natalia Sotelo Citation 2016
Humberto Teran Citation 2016
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors 2016
Linda Gedemer Citation 2015
William (Bill) F. Hanley, Jr. Fellowship 2015
Michael Kelly Board of Governors 2015
Bozena Kostek Board of Governors 2015
Cesar Lamschtein Citation 2015
Bob Ludwig Gold Medal 2015
Peter Mapp Board of Governors 2015
David Moulton Fellowship 2015
Valeria Palomino Board of Governors 2015
Agnieszka Roginska Fellowship 2015
Lauri Savioja Board of Governors 2015
Ulrike K. Schwarz Fellowship 2015
Howard Sherman Citation 2015
Jeff M. Smith Board of Governors 2015
Sascha Spors Board of Governors 2015
Jorge Urbano Board of Governors 2015
Wieslaw Woszczyk Board of Governors 2015
Umberto Zanghieri Board of Governors 2015
Umberto Zanghieri Board of Governors 2015
Tom Ammerman Fellowship 2014
Jim Anderson Board of Governors 2014
Jim Anderson Board of Governors 2014
Juha Backman Board of Governors 2014
Karlheinz Brandenburg Board of Governors 2014
Alex Case Fellowship 2014
Mark F. Davis Fellowship 2014
Christian Dittmar Citation 2014
Gyorgy Fazekas Citation 2014
Natanya Ford Fellowship 2014
Christopher Freitag Citation 2014
Roger Furness Distinguished Service Medal 2014
Mark Gander Bronze Medal 2014
Tin Jonker Board of Governors 2014
Jim Kaiser Fellowship 2014
Bob Lee Fellowship 2014
Steve Lillywhite Honorary Membership 2014
Peter Mapp Bronze Medal 2014
Subir Pramanik Distinguished Service Medal 2014
Francis Rumsey Bronze Medal 2014
Francis Rumsey Board of Governors 2014
Mark Sandler Board of Governors 2014
Dietrich Schüller Fellowship 2014
Bruce Swedien Fellowship 2014
Floyd Toole Gold Medal 2014
Edmund Welly Fellowship 2014
James Yeary Fellowship 2014
William Crabtree Board of Governors 2013
Laurence Fincham Silver Medal 2013
Michael Fleming Board of Governors 2013
Janos Gyori Board of Governors 2013
Michael Kelly Board of Governors 2013
Bozena Kostek Citation 2013
Zbigniew Kulka Fellowship 2013
Theresa Leonard Fellowship 2013
Joel A. Lewitz Fellowship 2013
Jim McTigue Board of Governors 2013
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Board of Governors 2013
Lauri Savioja Fellowship 2013
Robert B. Schulein Bronze Medal 2013
Timothy Shuttleworth Fellowship 2013
Floyd Toole Gold Medal 2013
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors 2013
Ronald E. Uhlig Honorary Membership 2013
Rudolph Van Gelder Gold Medal 2013
Umberto Zanghieri Board of Governors 2013
Umberto Zanghieri Citation 2013
Juha Backman Fellowship 2012
David Bialik Fellowship 2012
Nathan Brock Board of Governors 2012
Kyungwhoon Cheun Board of Governors 2012
Poppy Crum Fellowship 2012
Ricardo Escallon Board of Governors 2012
Julius (Jay) P. Fouts Board of Governors 2012
Woon-Seng Gan Fellowship 2012
Carlos Indio Gauvron Citation 2012
Cesar Lamschtein Board of Governors 2012
Garry Margolis Fellowship 2012
Gunther Melendez Board of Governors 2012
Jorge Moreno Fellowship 2012
John (Jong-Hoon) Oh Board of Governors 2012
Ville Pulkki Board of Governors 2012
Michael Santucci Board of Governors 2012
Jeff M. Smith Board of Governors 2012
John Storyk Fellowship 2012
Vesa Valimaki Fellowship 2012
John Vanderkooy Distinguished Service Medal 2012
Marcela Zorro Board of Governors 2012
Marc Aubort Fellowship 2011
Jan Berg Board of Governors 2011
Karlheinz Brandenburg Board of Governors 2011
Andrze Brzoska Fellowship 2011
Robin Caine Bronze Medal 2011
Peter Eastty Fellowship 2011
Geoff Emerick Fellowship 2011
Christof Faller Fellowship 2011
Gary Gottlieb Citation 2011
Kimio Hamasaki Board of Governors 2011
Harry Hirsch Fellowship 2011
Toru Kamekawa Board of Governors 2011
Michael Kelly Board of Governors 2011
Frank Laico Honorary Membership 2011
Michael Lannie Fellowship 2011
Aki Makivirta Fellowship 2011
Peter Mapp Board of Governors 2011
Andres Mayo Citation 2011
Jim McTigue Board of Governors 2011
Glenn Meadows Fellowship 2011
Rupert Neve Gold Medal 2011
Eugene Patronis Fellowship 2011
Ronald Prent Fellowship 2011
Don Puluse Fellowship 2011
Phil Ramone Gold Medal 2011
Sandra Requa Citation 2011
Mark Sandler Board of Governors 2011
Yoshizo "Steve" Sohma Bronze Medal 2011
Masami "Sam" Toyoshima Fellowship 2011
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors 2011
Saul Walker Silver Medal 2011
Ronald Aarts Silver Medal 2010
Wolfgang Ahnert Publications Award 2010
Joel Vieira de Brito Board of Governors 2010
Eddy Brixen Board of Governors 2010
Stefan Feistel Publications Award 2010
John Grant Fellowship 2010
Steven Green Fellowship 2010
Francisco Miranda Kirchner Fellowship 2010
Bozena Kostek Fellowship 2010
Sir George Martin Honorary Membership 2010
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Board of Governors 2010
Ville Pulkki Fellowship 2010
Josh Reiss Board of Governors 2010
Agnieszka Roginska Board of Governors 2010
John Strawn Board of Governors 2010
Ron Streicher Distinguished Service Medal 2010
Hiroaki Suzuki Board of Governors 2010
Ambrose Thompson Publications Award 2010
Alan Trevena Board of Governors 2010
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors 2010
Salvador Castaneda Valdes Citation 2010
Martin Wohr Board of Governors 2010
Mark Yonge Fellowship 2010
Ioan Allen Silver Medal 2009
Jan Berg Board of Governors 2009
Kalus Blasquiz Board of Governors 2009
Peter Cook Board of Governors 2009
Michael Fleming Board of Governors 2009
Kimio Hamasaki Board of Governors 2009
Irv Joel Distinguished Service Medal 2009
Steve Johnson Board of Governors 2009
Jean-Marc Jot Fellowship 2009
Toru Kamekawa Board of Governors 2009
Michael C. Kelly Board of Governors 2009
Francisco Miranda Kirchner Board of Governors 2009
Shinji Koyano Board of Governors 2009
Tapio Lokki Board of Governors 2009
Andres Mayo Board of Governors 2009
Juha Merimaa Board of Governors 2009
Shawn Murphy Fellowship 2009
Jiri Ocenasek Board of Governors 2009
John Oh Board of Governors 2009
John Oh Board of Governors 2009
Mercedes Onorato Board of Governors 2009
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Board of Governors 2009
Ray Rayburn Fellowship 2009
Josh Reiss Board of Governors 2009
Richard Sanders Board of Governors 2009
Ivan Stamac Bronze Medal 2009
Han Tendeloo Distinguished Service Medal 2009
Joshua Tidsbury Board of Governors 2009
Emil Torick Distinguished Service Medal 2009
Jorge R. Urbano Calva Board of Governors 2009
Rudolph Van Gelder Fellowship 2009
Daniel Weiss Fellowship 2009
Martin Woehr Fellowship 2009
Nick Zacharov Board of Governors 2009
Jonathan Abel Fellowship 2008
Jim Anderson Board of Governors 2008
Jens Blauert Gold Medal 2008
Werner Deutsch Board of Governors 2008
Angelo Farina Fellowship 2008
Roger S. Grinnip III Publications Award 2008
Keith Johnson Silver Medal 2008
Rob Maher Fellowship 2008
Peter Mapp Fellowship 2008
George Massenburg Gold Medal 2008
Jay McKnight Distinguished Service Medal 2008
Christoph Musialik Fellowship 2008
Neil Shaw Fellowship 2008
Julius Smith Fellowship 2008
Gerald Stanley Fellowship 2008
Peter Swarte Board of Governors 2008
Guenther Theile Silver Medal 2008
Alexander Voishvillo Fellowship 2008
William Whitlock Fellowship 2008
David Bialik Citation 2007
Graham Blyth Fellowship 2007
Oscar Bonello Fellowship 2007
Claude Cellier Fellowship 2007
Andrzej Dobrucki Fellowship 2007
Libor Husnik Citation 2007
Francisco Miranda Kirchner Citation 2007
Bob Ludwig Fellowship 2007
John Meyer Silver Medal 2007
John Mourjopoulos Fellowship 2007
Neil Muncy Fellowship 2007
Phil Ramone Fellowship 2007
Gerhard Steinke Gold Medal 2007
John Strawn Board of Governors 2007
Ferenc Takacs Board of Governors 2007
Herman A. O. Wilms Distinguished Service Medal 2007
Joerg Wuttke Silver Medal 2007
Josef Zikovsky Fellowship 2007
Jim Anderson Board of Governors 2006
Jim Anderson Fellowship 2006
Eloi Batlle Board of Governors 2006
Luis Ortiz Berenguer Board of Governors 2006
Benjamin Bernfeld Board of Governors 2006
Fabio Blasizzo Publications Award 2006
Marshall Buck Distinguished Service Medal 2006
John Chester Fellowship 2006
Hrvoje Domitrovic Board of Governors 2006
Kevin Gross Fellowship 2006
John Hall Silver Medal 2006
Malcolm O. Hawksford Silver Medal 2006
Tomlinson Holman Silver Medal 2006
Matti Karjalainen Silver Medal 2006
Konstantin Kounov Citation 2006
Michel C. Lavoie Publications Award 2006
David Murphy Fellowship 2006
Rupert Neve Fellowship 2006
Scott G. Norcross Publications Award 2006
Mercedes Onorato Citation 2006
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Board of Governors 2006
Roy Pritts Board of Governors 2006
Schuyler Quackenbush Fellowship 2006
Gilbert A. Soulodre Publications Award 2006
Michael Williams Fellowship 2006
Jan Adamczyk Board of Governors 2005
Irina Aldoshina Fellowship 2005
Akira Asakura Fellowship 2005
John Grant Board of Governors 2005
Kimio Hamasaki Fellowship 2005
Bob Moses Fellowship 2005
John Nunn Distinguished Service Medal 2005
Johannes Romijn Fellowship 2005
Reinhard Sahr Board of Governors 2005
Marianna Sankiewicz Fellowship 2005
John Strawn Board of Governors 2005
Christopher Struck Fellowship 2005
Zoe Thrall Board of Governors 2005
Juergen Wahl Fellowship 2005
James Angus Fellowship 2004
Barry Blesser Publications Award 2004
Jim Brown Fellowship 2004
Ronald Goh Fellowship 2004
George Massenburg Fellowship 2004
Ville Pulkki Publications Award 2004
Daniel von Recklinghausen Distinguished Service Medal 2004
Rhonda Wilson Fellowship 2004
Takeo Yamamoto Silver Medal 2004
Bill Allen Board of Governors 2003
John G. Beerends Publications Award 2003
John G. Beerends Fellowship 2003
Roland Bitto Publications Award 2003
Rinus Boone Fellowship 2003
Marina Bosi Fellowship 2003
Karlheinz Brandenburg Publications Award 2003
Catherine Colomes Publications Award 2003
Wesley Dooley Silver Medal 2003
Bernhard Feiten Publications Award 2003
Julius (Jay) Fouts Honorary Membership 2003
Jyri Huopaniemi Board of Governors 2003
Nickolay Ivanov Board of Governors 2003
Michael Keyhl Publications Award 2003
Theresa Leonard Board of Governors 2003
Arthur Ngiam Fellowship 2003
Per Rubak Board of Governors 2003
Christian Schmidmer Publications Award 2003
Robert Sherwood Honorary Membership 2003
Thomas Sporer Publications Award 2003
Gerhard Stoll Publications Award 2003
Peter Swarte Board of Governors 2003
Thilo Thiede Publications Award 2003
Floyd E. Toole Board of Governors 2003
William C. Treurniet Publications Award 2003
Martin Wohr Board of Governors 2003
Nick Zacharov Board of Governors 2003
Nick Zacharov Fellowship 2003
Daniel Zalay Board of Governors 2003
Eva Arato-Borsine Board of Governors 2002
Durand Begault Fellowship 2002
Masahiro Fujimoto Board of Governors 2002
Gabor Heckenast Board of Governors 2002
Ulrich Horbach Fellowship 2002
Helmut Jahne Fellowship 2002
Elmar Leal Citation 2002
Hirokazu Nakashima Citation 2002
Johan Nielsen Publications Award 2002
Roy Pritts Board of Governors 2002
Daniel Queen Distinguished Service Medal 2002
Masaki (Mick) Sawaguchi Fellowship 2002
Dietrich Schueller Board of Governors 2002
Fritz Sennheiser Gold Medal 2002
Gilbert Soulodre Fellowship 2002
Ronald Streicher Board of Governors 2002
Peter Svensson Publications Award 2002
Peter Swarte Board of Governors 2002
Roland Tan Citation 2002
Carson Taylor Fellowship 2002
Gunther Theile Board of Governors 2002
Heinz H.K. Thiele Citation 2002
Roberto Beppato Fellowship 2001
Elizabeth Cohen Citation 2001
Doug Cook Board of Governors 2001
Jeremy Cooperstock Citation 2001
Martin Dietz Fellowship 2001
Wesley Dooley Fellowship 2001
Biserka Flajpan Citation 2001
Akira Fukada Fellowship 2001
Miloslav M. Kulhan Citation 2001
Patricia Macdonald Honorary Membership 2001
Josef Merhaut Fellowship 2001
Rob Metkemeijer Fellowship 2001
Eichi Miyasaka Fellowship 2001
Bob Moses Board of Governors 2001
Gerhard Picklapp Citation 2001
Subir Pramanik Fellowship 2001
Zack Settel Citation 2001
Stephen Spackman Citation 2001
Hiroaki Suzuki Fellowship 2001
Ernst-Joachim Voelker Board of Governors 2001
Martin Wohr Board of Governors 2001
Wieslaw Woszczyk Citation 2001
Aoxiang Xu Citation 2001
Junichi Yoshio Fellowship 2001
Irina Aldoshina Citation 2000
Kira Asakura Citation 2000
Eric Benjamin Fellowship 2000
Philip Jeffrey Bloom Fellowship 2000
Marina Bosi Board of Governors 2000
Karlheinz Brandenburg Board of Governors 2000
Laurel Cash-Jones Distinguished Service Medal 2000
Andrzej Czyzewski Fellowship 2000
Markus Erne Fellowship 2000
Bernhard Grill Fellowship 2000
Sidney Harman Honorary Membership 2000
Malcolm Omar Hawksford Publications Award 2000
Toshio Kikuta Citation 2000
Kathleen Mackay Board of Governors 2000
Gavin R. Putland Publications Award 2000
Mark Sandler Fellowship 2000
John Snell Fellowship 2000
Ivan Stamac Fellowship 2000
Vytautas Stauskis Citation 2000
Chet Atkins Honorary Membership 1999
Juha Backman Board of Governors 1999
Harold Boxer Fellowship 1999
Rod Brown Board of Governors 1999
Jerry Bruck Fellowship 1999
Peter G. Craven Publications Award 1999
Diemer de Vries Fellowship 1999
Michael A. Gerzon Publications Award 1999
Christer Grewin Fellowship 1999
Villy Hansen Fellowship 1999
Jyri Huopaniemi Citation 1999
Kees A. Schouhamer Immink Gold Medal 1999
Irving L. Joel Bronze Medal 1999
Matti Karjalainen Fellowship 1999
Lorin Maazel Honorary Membership 1999
Helen Meyer Citation 1999
Norio Ohga Honorary Membership 1999
Mara Rahkila Citation 1999
David Robinson Board of Governors 1999
Peter G. Schreiner, III Fellowship 1999
Steve (Yoshizo) Sohma Fellowship 1999
Ferenc Takacs Citation 1999
Han Tendeloo Board of Governors 1999
Valerie Tyler Board of Governors 1999
Jan Voetmann Board of Governors 1999
Nick Zacharov Board of Governors 1999
Ronald Aarts Fellowship 1998
Karlheinz Brandenburg Silver Medal 1998
Rod Brown Board of Governors 1998
Jerry Bruck Fellowship 1998
Russell O. Hamm Board of Governors 1998
Aurika Hays Board of Governors 1998
David S. Johnson Board of Governors 1998
Ken C. Pohlman Board of Governors 1998
Douglas Preis Fellowship 1998
Roy Pritts Fellowship 1998
Daniel Queen Citation 1998
Marianna Sankiewicz Citation 1998
Gerhard Stoll Fellowship 1998
Kunimaro Tanaka Silver Medal 1998
Van Webster Board of Governors 1998
Jens Blauert Fellowship 1997
Eddy Bogh Brixen Board of Governors 1997
Douglas Button Fellowship 1997
Laurel Cash-Jones Citation 1997
Stefan de Koning Fellowship 1997
William Gardner Publications Award 1997
Jurgen Herre Fellowship 1997
Wolfgang Hoeg Fellowship 1997
James Johnston Fellowship 1997
Wolfgang Klippel Fellowship 1997
Christopher Langhart Board of Governors 1997
Elmar Leal Citation 1997
Cal Perkins Fellowship 1997
Donald J. Plunkett Distinguished Service Medal 1997
Henrick Staffeldt Fellowship 1997
Akihiko Takasu Board of Governors 1997
Gunther Theile Board of Governors 1997
Craig Todd Fellowship 1997
Van Webster Board of Governors 1997
Herman A.O. Wilms Bronze Medal 1997
John Woodgate Fellowship 1997
Robert Adams Publications Award 1996
Soren Bech Fellowship 1996
Dennis A. Bohn Fellowship 1996
Hamilton Brosious Board of Governors 1996
Robin Caine Fellowship 1996
John Chester Board of Governors 1996
Carolyn Davis Fellowship 1996
Cor L. Doesburg Board of Governors 1996
Donald M. Eger Fellowship 1996
Michael Falk Board of Governors 1996
David Griesinger Fellowship 1996
David Griesinger Silver Medal 1996
Russell O. Hamm Board of Governors 1996
Torn Kwan Publications Award 1996
Bart N. Locanthi Gold Medal 1996
Sean E. Olive Fellowship 1996
Subir Pramanik Board of Governors 1996
Richard H. Small Gold Medal 1996
Steve (Yoshizo) Sohma Board of Governors 1996
John Strawn Fellowship 1996
Ronald Streicher Fellowship 1996
Robert Stuart Fellowship 1996
Jean-Claude Thobois Board of Governors 1996
Floyd E. Toole Silver Medal 1996
Arthur van Maurik Board of Governors 1996
Wieslaw Woszczyk Fellowship 1996
Wladyslaw Wygnanski Fellowship 1996
Takeo Yamamoto Board of Governors 1996
Robert Adams Silver Medal 1995
Wolfgang Ahnert Fellowship 1995
Jeffrey Barish Fellowship 1995
Benjamin Bernfeld Bronze Medal 1995
John Bonner Fellowship 1995
Marc Bonneville Publications Award 1995
Marina Bosi Board of Governors 1995
Elizabeth Cohen Fellowship 1995
Leo de Gar Kulka Fellowship 1995
Vance Dickason Citation 1995
Neil Gilchrist Fellowship 1995
Arthur Gruber Distinguished Service Medal 1995
Bruce Hofer Fellowship 1995
John Mosely Fellowship 1995
Sean E. Olive Publications Award 1995
David Robinson Board of Governors 1995
Torn Roseberry Board of Governors 1995
Francis Rumsey Fellowship 1995
Sharon Sally Publications Award 1995
David Scheirman Board of Governors 1995
Peter Schuck Publications Award 1995
David Schwind Fellowship 1995
Ronald Streicher Bronze Medal 1995
Han Tendeloo Board of Governors 1995
Akira Asakura Board of Governors 1994
Soren Bech Board of Governors 1994
Roberto Beppato Board of Governors 1994
Gualtiero Berlinghini Board of Governors 1994
Peter Blackmore Board of Governors 1994
Karlheinz Brandenburg Fellowship 1994
Marshall Buck Fellowship 1994
Laurel Cash-Jones Fellowship 1994
Friedrich K. Engel Fellowship 1994
Leonard Feldman Board of Governors 1994
Roger K. Furness Fellowship 1994
Mark R. Gander Fellowship 1994
Irving L. Joel Board of Governors 1994
Stanley P. Lipshitz Publications Award 1994
John T. Mullin Silver Medal 1994
Reinhard O. Sahr Board of Governors 1994
Reinhard O. Sahr Fellowship 1994
Gunther Theile Fellowship 1994
A. Neville Thiele Silver Medal 1994
Heinz H.K. Thiele Board of Governors 1994
John Vanderkooy Publications Award 1994
Robert A. Wannamaker Publications Award 1994
Peter J. Baxandall Silver Medal 1993
John J. Bubbers Distinguished Service Medal 1993
Raymond E. Cooke Silver Medal 1993
Peter D'Antonio Fellowship 1993
Leo de Gar Kulka Board of Governors 1993
Carl G. Eilers Fellowship 1993
Gabor Heckenast Fellowship 1993
Erwin Kerschbaum Board of Governors 1993
Wolfgang Klippel Publications Award 1993
Helmut Krueger Honorary Membership 1993
Stanley P. Lipshitz Silver Medal 1993
Ilpo Martikainen Fellowship 1993
Kurt Masur Honorary Membership 1993
Fancher Murray Fellowship 1993
Douglas D. Rife Fellowship 1993
John Vanderkooy Silver Medal 1993
Joerg Wuttke Fellowship 1993
Takeaki Anazawa Silver Medal 1992
Jeffrey A. Baker Board of Governors 1992
Jerry Bruck Board of Governors 1992
Richard C. Cabot Board of Governors 1992
E. Carel Dijkmans Fellowship 1992
Ray M. Dolby Gold Medal 1992
Robert O. Fehr Distinguished Service Medal 1992
Louis D. Fielder Fellowship 1992
Masahiro Fujimoto Board of Governors 1992
Daniel W. Gravereaux Bronze Medal 1992
Brian K. Horman Board of Governors 1992
Kees A. Schouhamer Immink Silver Medal 1992
John P. Nunn Fellowship 1992
Douglas D. Rife Publications Award 1992
Tim Shelton Fellowship 1992
Tamas Tarnoczy Honorary Membership 1992
Jean-Claude Thobois Board of Governors 1992
John Vanderkooy Publications Award 1992
Robert Adams Fellowship 1991
Alex Balster Board of Governors 1991
John D. Jr. Bullock Fellowship 1991
David Clark Board of Governors 1991
Robert O. Fehr Honorary Membership 1991
Leonard Feldman Fellowship 1991
Robert A. Finger Fellowship 1991
Michael A. Gerzon Gold Medal 1991
Kenneth Jacob Publications Award 1991
Kenneth Jacob Fellowship 1991
J.H.M. Janssen Fellowship 1991
Peter Joss Board of Governors 1991
Wolfgang Kraak Honorary Membership 1991
James A. Moorer Silver Medal 1991
Ole Juhl Pedersen Fellowship 1991
Luciano Perego Fellowship 1991
John W. Reiser Board of Governors 1991
Mario Rossi Board of Governors 1991
Ann Smyth Citation 1991
Ronald Streicher Board of Governors 1991
John Watkinson Fellowship 1991
Bernard Weingartner Fellowship 1991
Wieslaw Woszczyk Board of Governors 1991
Eberhard Zwicker Gold Medal 1991
Glen Ballou Board of Governors 1990
Michael Dorrough Fellowship 1990
Robert A. Finger Bronze Medal 1990
Randall Hoffner Board of Governors 1990
Masaru Ibuka Honorary Membership 1990
Yoshinobu Ishida Fellowship 1990
Kenneth Jacob Fellowship 1990
Bart N. Locanthi Silver Medal 1990
John G. McKnight Board of Governors 1990
Sean E. Olive Publications Award 1990
Victor M.A. Peutz Silver Medal 1990
Skip Pizzi Board of Governors 1990
Ken C. Pohlman Fellowship 1990
Dan Popescu Fellowship 1990
Reinhard O. Sahr Board of Governors 1990
John Strawn Board of Governors 1990
Heinz H.K. Thiele Fellowship 1990
Jean-Claude Thobois Board of Governors 1990
Floyd E. Toole Publications Award 1990
Marshall Buck Board of Governors 1989
Andrew Duncan Publications Award 1989
Francois Eckert Board of Governors 1989
Susumu Matsuoka Board of Governors 1989
John McClure Fellowship 1989
H. Peter Meisinger Fellowship 1989
Heitaro Nakajima Gold Medal 1989
Ken C. Pohlman Board of Governors 1989
Rune E.T Rosander Fellowship 1989
Mario Rossi Fellowship 1989
William Savory Fellowship 1989
Karl Schwartz Fellowship 1989
Johannes P. Sinjou Gold Medal 1989
Joseph Sunday Board of Governors 1989
Jean-Claude Thobois Board of Governors 1989
Peter J. Walker Silver Medal 1989
Takeo Yamamoto Board of Governors 1989
Titia K.S. Bakker Bronze Medal 1988
Barry A. Blesser Board of Governors 1988
Per V. Bruel Silver Medal 1988
Laurel Cash-Jones Board of Governors 1988
John M. Eargle Board of Governors 1988
J. Jacek Figwer Fellowship 1988
Larry R. Frandsen Board of Governors 1988
Roger K. Furness Board of Governors 1988
Earl Geddes Fellowship 1988
Arie J.M. Kaizer Fellowship 1988
David H. Kaye Fellowship 1988
Bart N. Locanthi Board of Governors 1988
John Prohs Fellowship 1988
Thomas G. Jr. Stockham Board of Governors 1988
Floyd E. Toole Publications Award 1988
Chris Van de Lest Citation 1988
William E. Windsor Fellowship 1988
Robert Adams Publications Award 1987
Robert Berkovitz Fellowship 1987
Jacques-Robert Dewevre Fellowship 1987
Sidney Feldman Bronze Medal 1987
John C.G. Gilbert Bronze Medal 1987
Ralph Gittleman Fellowship 1987
Tony Griffiths Fellowship 1987
Kenneth Gundry Fellowship 1987
Malcolm Omar Hawksford Fellowship 1987
David L. Klepper Silver Medal 1987
Jacob Rabinow Fellowship 1987
Reinhard O. Sahr Board of Governors 1987
David M. Smith Fellowship 1987
Thomas G. Jr. Stockham Gold Medal 1987
Robert Adams Publications Award 1986
Wilhelm Andriessen Fellowship 1986
Friedrich W.O. Bauch Honorary Membership 1986
Diana Deutsch Fellowship 1986
Richard Garrido Board of Governors 1986
Grover Harned Fellowship 1986
John K. Hilliard Honorary Membership 1986
Alf Kurzeder Fellowship 1986
Barney Pisha Fellowship 1986
Gerhard Steinke Fellowship 1986
John Vanderkooy Fellowship 1986
Sten Wahlstrom Fellowship 1986
Amar Bose Honorary Membership 1985
Carl Ceoen Fellowship 1985
David Clark Fellowship 1985
Emory Cook Silver Medal 1985
Hugh Ford Fellowship 1985
Hermann R. Franz Honorary Membership 1985
John G. Frayne Honorary Membership 1985
John French Board of Governors 1985
Kees A. Schouhamer Immink Fellowship 1985
Cornelis P. Janse Publications Award 1985
Arie J.M. Kaizer Publications Award 1985
Friedrich Krones Honorary Membership 1985
Francis E. Lee Silver Medal 1985
Dale Manquen Board of Governors 1985
Harry McCune Honorary Membership 1985
Jacob Menger Board of Governors 1985
John Meyer Fellowship 1985
Douglas Preis Publications Award 1985
Douglas Sax Honorary Membership 1985
Claude E. Shannon Gold Medal 1985
Glyn Adams Publications Award 1984
Peter K. Burkowitz Honorary Membership 1984
Max Byer Certificate of Appreciation 1984
Robert Trabue Davis Board of Governors 1984
Toshi T. Doi Silver Medal 1984
John M. Eargle Bronze Medal 1984
Richard Factor Fellowship 1984
Martin Fouque Fellowship 1984
Richard Greiner Fellowship 1984
John Hall Fellowship 1984
Russell O. Hamm Fellowship 1984
Cyril M. Harris Gold Medal 1984
Philip M.S. Hedgeland Fellowship 1984
Brian Ingoldsby Fellowship 1984
Stefan Kudelski Gold Medal 1984
Guy McNally Fellowship 1984
Christopher Moore Fellowship 1984
Stephen P.B. Roe Publications Award 1984
Joerg Sennheiser Fellowship 1984
Kunimaro Tanaka Fellowship 1984
Han Tendeloo Board of Governors 1984
Jiri Tichy Fellowship 1984
Emil L. Torick Bronze Medal 1984
Ted Uzzle Fellowship 1984
Bjorn Bluthgen Fellowship 1983
John M. Bowsher Fellowship 1983
Carolyn Davis Board of Governors 1983
Larry R. Frandsen Board of Governors 1983
Wilhelm Franz Honorary Membership 1983
Rudolf Gorike Honorary Membership 1983
Max Grundig Honorary Membership 1983
Richard C. Heyser Silver Medal 1983
Roger Lagadec Fellowship 1983
George Maling Fellowship 1983
Max Mathews Fellowship 1983
Angus McKenzie Fellowship 1983
Milton T. Putnam Honorary Membership 1983
G.A.V. Sowter Fellowship 1983
Theo Staar Fellowship 1983
Roland Zavada Fellowship 1983
Hugh S. Jr. Allen Honorary Membership 1982
Rudiger Barth Board of Governors 1982
Cecil R. Cable Fellowship 1982
Almon H. Clegg Fellowship 1982
Duane H. Cooper Gold Medal 1982
Jacques-Robert Dewevre Board of Governors 1982
Werner H. Freitag Board of Governors 1982
Hans-Joachim Griese Silver Medal 1982
Clifford A. Henricksen Fellowship 1982
W. Rex Isom Bronze Medal 1982
James M. Kates Fellowship 1982
Geoffrey M. Langdon Fellowship 1982
Jacques Lemonne Fellowship 1982
Stanley P. Lipshitz Fellowship 1982
Bart N. Locanthi Board of Governors 1982
John G. McKnight Publications Award 1982
John H. Nakamura Board of Governors 1982
Victor M.A. Peutz Fellowship 1982
Joerg Sennheiser Bronze Medal 1982
Fritz P. Sippl Fellowship 1982
Richard H. Small Silver Medal 1982
Willi Studer Gold Medal 1982
Eberhard Zwicker Honorary Membership 1982
Raymond W. Bayliff Fellowship 1981
James W. Beauchamp Fellowship 1981
Barry A. Blesser Silver Medal 1981
Paul C. Buff Fellowship 1981
Timothy A. Cole Board of Governors 1981
Julius Futterman Fellowship 1981
Jan J. Geluk Fellowship 1981
Hans-Joachim Griese Fellowship 1981
David Harrison Fellowship 1981
Wayne Hetrich Fellowship 1981
Tomlinson Holman Fellowship 1981
Arthur C. Keller Gold Medal 1981
James A. Moorer Publications Award 1981
Harold F. Jr. Mosier Fellowship 1981
Martin Polon Board of Governors 1981
Jean W. Remouit Board of Governors 1981
William L. Robinson Honorary Membership 1981
Naraji Sakamoto Fellowship 1981
Melvin C. Sprinkle Fellowship 1981
Derek Tilsley Bronze Medal 1981
Ernst-Joachim Voelker Fellowship 1981
Herman A.O. Wilms Board of Governors 1981
Ioan R. Allen Fellowship 1980
Peter J. Baxandall Fellowship 1980
Michael Berman Publications Award 1980
Benjamin Bernfeld Fellowship 1980
Gregory A. Bogantz Fellowship 1980
Richard C. Cabot Fellowship 1980
Richard T. Cassidy Fellowship 1980
Almon H. Clegg Board of Governors 1980
Max Cohen Board of Governors 1980
Raymond E. Cooke Bronze Medal 1980
Toshi T. Doi Fellowship 1980
Howard M. Durbin Board of Governors 1980
Lawrence R. Fincham Board of Governors 1980
Lawrence R. Fincham Fellowship 1980
Lawrence R. Fincham Publications Award 1980
Edward J. Foster Fellowship 1980
Werner H. Freitag Fellowship 1980
J. James Gibson Fellowship 1980
Oskar Heil Honorary Membership 1980
Bent Hertz Fellowship 1980
Takeshi Itow Fellowship 1980
J. Christopher Jaffee Fellowship 1980
Hans C. Jorgensen Fellowship 1980
Derk Kleis Fellowship 1980
Geoffrey M. Langdon Board of Governors 1980
W. Marshall Jr. Leach Fellowship 1980
Leonard M. Marcus Honorary Membership 1980
Susumu Matsuoka Fellowship 1980
Robert A. Moog Silver Medal 1980
James A. Moorer Fellowship 1980
Harold Mosier Board of Governors 1980
Gerd M. Nathan Fellowship 1980
Erland K. Persson Fellowship 1980
Erik A. Porterfield Board of Governors 1980
Walter L. Rand Honorary Membership 1980
David Robinson Fellowship 1980
Robert Rypinski Board of Governors 1980
Robert B. Schulein Board of Governors 1980
Fritz Sennheiser Honorary Membership 1980
Joerg Sennheiser Board of Governors 1980
Donovan E.L. Shorter Fellowship 1980
Kobert Reyneirson Smith Honorary Membership 1980
Jiri Struska Honorary Membership 1980
Erich R. Vogl Fellowship 1980
Peter J. Walker Fellowship 1980
Yoshiharu Abe Fellowship 1979
Barry A. Blesser Publications Award 1979
Jean Bonzon Citation 1979
John N. Borwick Fellowship 1979
Pierre Boulez Honorary Membership 1979
John M. Bowsher Citation 1979
Richard H. Campbell Fellowship 1979
Jacques-Robert Dewevre Citation 1979
Masahiro Fujimoto Fellowship 1979
Masuo Hayashi Citation 1979
Alastair M. Heaslett Fellowship 1979
Walter G. Jung Fellowship 1979
D. Broadus Jr. Keele Fellowship 1979
John G. McKnight Honorary Membership 1979
John F. Pfeiffer Fellowship 1979
Bradley Plunkett Fellowship 1979
Donald W. Powers Honorary Membership 1979
Michael Rettinger Honorary Membership 1979
Fritz P. Sippl Citation 1979
Daniel B. Talbot Fellowship 1979
A. Neville Thiele Fellowship 1979
Emil L. Torick Honorary Membership 1979
Ronald H. Turnpenny Fellowship 1979
Saul Walker Fellowship 1979
Alan D. Blumlein Citation 1978
Peter K. Burkowitz Citation 1978
Peter K. Burkowitz Bronze Medal 1978
John M. Eargle Honorary Membership 1978
Michael A. Gerzon Fellowship 1978
Jerome B. Halter Fellowship 1978
Ryosuke Ito Fellowship 1978
Mead C. Killion Fellowship 1978
Paul W. Klipsch Silver Medal 1978
Hugh S. Knowles Gold Medal 1978
DeWitt F. Morris Citation 1978
Ethel R. Morris Citation 1978
Matti N.T. Otala Fellowship 1978
Douglas Preis Publications Award 1978
Thomas G. Jr. Stockham Fellowship 1978
Daniel R. von Recklinghausen Gold Medal 1978
Robert L. Jr. Wallace Fellowship 1978
Walter L. Welch Honorary Membership 1978
Leon A. Wortman Fellowship 1978
George L. Augspurger Fellowship 1977
Alex Balster Fellowship 1977
Klaus Bertram Fellowship 1977
Victor Brociner Citation 1977
John J. Bubbers Citation 1977
Mahlon D. Burkhard Fellowship 1977
Abraham B. Cohen Fellowship 1977
Lothar W. Cremer Honorary Membership 1977
James Cunningham Fellowship 1977
Robert O. Fehr Bronze Medal 1977
Nico V. Franssen Fellowship 1977
Albert Grundy Fellowship 1977
Arthur C. Haddy Honorary Membership 1977
Toshiya Inoue Silver Medal 1977
Stefan Kudelski Honorary Membership 1977
Richard Marcucci Fellowship 1977
Edmond A. May Fellowship 1977
Etsuro Nakamichi Fellowship 1977
Donald J. Plunkett Honorary Membership 1977
Horst Redlich Silver Medal 1977
Walter Reichardt Honorary Membership 1977
Jean W. Remouit Fellowship 1977
Karl Schoeps Fellowship 1977
Robert B. Schulein Fellowship 1977
Robert B. Schulein Publications Award 1977
Richard H. Small Publications Award 1977
Han Tendeloo Fellowship 1977
Herbert von Karajan Honorary Membership 1977
James V. White Fellowship 1977
Bert Whyte Fellowship 1977
Klaus J. Wischgoll Fellowship 1977
Takeo Yamamoto Fellowship 1977
Hugh S. Jr. Allen Bronze Medal 1976
Karl Otto Bader Fellowship 1976
David E Blackmer Fellowship 1976
Per V. Bruel Honorary Membership 1976
Duane H. Cooper Honorary Membership 1976
Howard M. Durbin Fellowship 1976
Robert O. Fehr Fellowship 1976
John G. Frayne Gold Medal 1976
John C.G. Gilbert Fellowship 1976
Katsuya (Vic) Goh Fellowship 1976
Jacqueline Harvey Citation 1976
W. Rex Isom Honorary Membership 1976
Vitheim L. Jordan Fellowship 1976
Gunter Lutzkendorf Fellowship 1976
Erik R. Madsen Honorary Membership 1976
Georg Neumann Gold Medal 1976
Eugene Ormandy Honorary Membership 1976
Fritz Sennheiser Fellowship 1976
Willi Studer Silver Medal 1976
Herman A.O. Wilms Fellowship 1976
Hugh S. Jr. Allen Citation 1975
Titia K.S. Bakker Citation 1975
G. Allan Ballantine Fellowship 1975
Gilbert A. Briggs Honorary Membership 1975
Richard W. Burden Fellowship 1975
Elmer Carlson Fellowship 1975
Raymond E. Cooke Fellowship 1975
Avery Fisher Honorary Membership 1975
Edward C. Fox Fellowship 1975
Mark B. Gardner Honorary Membership 1975
Daniel W. Gravereaux Fellowship 1975
Arthur E. Gruber Bronze Medal 1975
Howard S. Holzer Citation 1975
Hal Kaitchuck Fellowship 1975
D. Broadus Jr. Keele Publications Award 1975
Saul B. Marantz Fellowship 1975
John W. Maunder Fellowship 1975
John W. Maunder Citation 1975
DeWitt F. Morris Fellowship 1975
John T. Mullin Citation 1975
John T. Mullin Honorary Membership 1975
Johan L. Ooms Honorary Membership 1975
Alexander M. Poniatoff Honorary Membership 1975
Donald L. Richter Fellowship 1975
Dorothy H. Spronck Citation 1975
Joseph F. Wells Fellowship 1975
Geoffrey L. Wilson Fellowship 1975
John M. Woram Fellowship 1975
George Alexandrovich Fellowship 1974
C. Roger Anderson Fellowship 1974
Karl Otto Bader Citation 1974
Donald A. Barlow Fellowship 1974
George W. Bartlett Citation 1974
Klaus Bertram Citation 1974
Barry A. Blesser Publications Award 1974
John J. Bubbers AES Award 1974
John C.G. Gilbert Citation 1974
Floyd K. Harvey Gold Medal 1974
Toshiya Inoue Fellowship 1974
Francis E. Lee Publications Award 1974
John W. Maunder Citation 1974
James Moir Fellowship 1974
John H. Nakamura Fellowship 1974
James F. Novak Fellowship 1974
Tomas Salava Fellowship 1974
Takeo Shiga Silver Medal 1974
Paul G.A.H. Voight Honorary Membership 1974
Klaus J. Wischgoll Citation 1974
Roy F. Allison Fellowship 1973
William S. Bachman Honorary Membership 1973
Peter K. Burkowitz Fellowship 1973
Richard S. Burwen Fellowship 1973
Edward Tatnail Canby Fellowship 1973
Murray G. Crosby Honorary Membership 1973
C. Robert Fine Fellowship 1973
Arthur C. Haddy Fellowship 1973
Cyril M. Harris Honorary Membership 1973
Irving L. Joel Fellowship 1973
Erik R. Madsen Silver Medal 1973
Edmund W. Mortimer Fellowship 1973
Kenzo Nagai Honorary Membership 1973
Robert A. Orban Fellowship 1973
Donald W. Powers Bronze Medal 1973
Henry E. Roys Gold Medal 1973
Arnold Schwartz Fellowship 1973
Ludwig W. Sepmeyer Fellowship 1973
Takeo Shiga Fellowship 1973
Richard H. Small Fellowship 1973
J. Guy Woodward Honorary Membership 1973
J. Robert Ashley Fellowship 1972
Cedric R. Bastiaans Fellowship 1972
Benjamin B. Bauer Honorary Membership 1972
Barry A. Blesser Fellowship 1972
Murray G. Crosby Fellowship 1972
Donald B. Davis Fellowship 1972
David Hafler Fellowship 1972
Irving L. Joel Citation 1972
Hugh S. Knowles Honorary Membership 1972
Winston E. Kock Honorary Membership 1972
Bart N. Locanthi Fellowship 1972
Johan L. Ooms AES Award 1972
Henry E. Roys Honorary Membership 1972
Peter Scheiber Fellowship 1972
Manfred R. Schroeder Gold Medal 1972
Edgar M. Villchur Silver Medal 1972
Percy Wilson Honorary Membership 1972
Hugh S. Jr. Allen Fellowship 1971
Leo L. Beranek Gold Medal 1971
Ray M. Dolby Silver Medal 1971
Ray M. Dolby Fellowship 1971
John M. Eargle Fellowship 1971
William S. Halstead Fellowship 1971
Edward R. Hanson Fellowship 1971
W. Rex Isom Fellowship 1971
John P. Jarvis Fellowship 1971
John P. Jarvis AES Award 1971
Erik R. Madsen Fellowship 1971
John G. McKnight AES Award 1971
Georg Neumann Honorary Membership 1971
Erik A. Porterfield Fellowship 1971
Donald W. Powers Fellowship 1971
Donald W. Powers Citation 1971
Peter W. Tappan Fellowship 1971
Stephen F. Temmer Fellowship 1971
Fred P. Beguin Fellowship 1970
Rudi T. Bozak John H. Potts 1970
Marvin Camras Honorary Membership 1970
John D. Colvin Citation 1970
William G. Dilley Fellowship 1970
Mark B. Gardner Fellowship 1970
Arthur C. Haddy Emile Berliner 1970
Philip Kantrowitz Fellowship 1970
David L. Klepper Fellowship 1970
James J. Noble Fellowship 1970
Arnold P.G. Peterson Fellowship 1970
Daniel Queen Fellowship 1970
William L. Robinson Fellowship 1970
Willi Studer Fellowship 1970
Charles F. Swisher Fellowship 1970
Edward H. Uecke Honorary Membership 1970
Percy Wilson Fellowship 1970
George W. Bartlett Fellowship 1969
John J. Bubbers Fellowship 1969
Marvin Camras John H. Potts 1969
Peter C. Goldmark Honorary Membership 1969
Arthur E. Gruber Fellowship 1969
William W. Lang Fellowship 1969
Daniel W. Martin AES Award 1969
Alex McKee Citation 1969
Robert B. Monroe Fellowship 1969
Robert A. Moog Fellowship 1969
Johan L. Ooms Fellowship 1969
Arthur R. Soffel Fellowship 1969
Emil L. Torick Fellowship 1969
Charles F. Wiebusch Emile Berliner 1969
C. Paul Boner Fellowship 1968
Duane H. Cooper Emile Berliner 1968
William H. Greenbaum Fellowship 1968
Marvin R. Headrick Citation 1968
Earle L. Kent Fellowship 1968
Erich Leinsdorf Honorary Membership 1968
Carl S. Nelson Fellowship 1968
Harry W. Pearson Fellowship 1968
Arnold P.G. Peterson John H. Potts 1968
Ralph A. Schlegal Citation 1968
William Snow John H. Potts 1968
John S. Boyers Fellowship 1967
L.R. Burroughs Fellowship 1967
Pierce Evans Fellowship 1967
Sherman M. Fairchild Honorary Membership 1967
Floyd K. Harvey AES Award 1967
Keith O. Johnson Fellowship 1967
Adolph R. Morgan Fellowship 1967
Robert M. Morris Emile Berliner 1967
Hubert W. Pierce Fellowship 1967
Samuel B. Snow John H. Potts 1967
Alexander C. Angus Fellowship 1966
Warren L. Braun Fellowship 1966
Duane H. Cooper Fellowship 1966
Ralph E. Cousino Fellowship 1966
Donald J. Plunkett AES Award 1966
Horst Redlich Fellowship 1966
William L. Robinson AES Award 1966
Lawrence J. Scully Emile Berliner 1966
John E. Volkmann John H. Potts 1966
Percy Wilson Citation 1966
Rudi T. Bozak Fellowship 1965
Frank A. Comerci Fellowship 1965
Walt Disney Honorary Membership 1965
Wesley M. Fujii Fellowship 1965
Howard S. Holzer Fellowship 1965
Frederick V. Hunt John H. Potts 1965
R.A. Isberg Fellowship 1965
Robert Z. Langevin Fellowship 1965
John T. Mullin Emile Berliner 1965
Harry F. Olson AES Award 1965
Hubert W. Pierce AES Award 1965
Chester A. Rackey Citation 1965
Arthur W. Schneider Fellowship 1965
Victor Brociner Fellowship 1964
Norman H. Dieter Fellowship 1964
Gilbert F. Dutton Emile Berliner 1964
Ernst A. Guillemin Honorary Membership 1964
Ronald D. Klumpen AES Award 1964
Vern O. Knudsen John H. Potts 1964
John E. Volkmann Fellowship 1964
George R. Yenzer Fellowship 1964
Benjamin B. Bauer John H. Potts 1963
Edward E. Jr. David Fellowship 1963
Sherman M. Fairchild Fellowship 1963
Richard C. Heyser Fellowship 1963
Irving L. Joel AES Award 1963
Daniel W. Martin Fellowship 1963
Donald J. Plunkett Fellowship 1963
Michael Rettinger Fellowship 1963
Manfred R. Schroeder Fellowship 1963
J. Guy Woodward Emile Berliner 1963
Arthur C. Davis John H. Potts 1962
Floyd K. Harvey Fellowship 1962
Arthur C. Keller Emile Berliner 1962
Mahlon W. Kenney Citation 1962
C.J. LeBel Honorary Membership 1962
Ross H. Snyder AES Award 1962
Emil P. Vincent Fellowship 1962
Daniel R. von Recklinghausen Fellowship 1962
J. Guy Woodward Fellowship 1962
Roy Dally Emile Berliner 1961
Sherman M. Fairchild AES Award 1961
John K. Hilliard John H. Potts 1961
Frank C. McIntosh Honorary Membership 1961
Frank C. McIntosh Citation 1961
Walter O. Stanton Citation 1961
S.J. Begun John H. Potts 1960
George A. Brettell Fellowship 1960
Otto W. Kornei Honorary Membership 1960
John G. McKnight Fellowship 1960
William J. Jr. Moreland Fellowship 1960
Miklos Rozsa Honorary Membership 1960
Harvey Jr. Sampson AES Award 1960
Rene Snepvangers Emile Berliner 1960
Edgar M. Villchur Fellowship 1960
W.W. Wetzel Honorary Membership 1960
Daniel H. Wiegand Fellowship 1960
John H. Beaumont Fellowship 1959
Leonard Bernstein Honorary Membership 1959
E. Power Biggs Honorary Membership 1959
Harold S. Black John H. Potts 1959
Norman H. Crowhurst Fellowship 1959
John G. Frayne Emile Berliner 1959
Peter C. Goldmark Fellowship 1959
Frank G. Jr. Lennert Fellowship 1959
George Lewin Fellowship 1959
C.G. McProud Citation 1959
James A. Miller Fellowship 1959
Rein Narma Fellowship 1959
Richard S. O'Brien Fellowship 1959
Milton T. Putnam Fellowship 1959
Walter T. Selsted Fellowship 1959
F. Langford Smith Honorary Membership 1959
Walter O. Stanton Fellowship 1959
Russell J. Tinkham Fellowship 1959
Glenn E. Wallichs Certificate of Appreciation 1959
William S. Bachman Fellowship 1958
Alan D. Blumlein Citation 1958
Hendrik W. Bode Honorary Membership 1958
Walter W. Jr. Carruthers Citation 1958
Roy Dally Fellowship 1958
Charles C. Davis Fellowship 1958
Charles C. Davis Emile Berliner 1958
Gilbert F. Dutton Honorary Membership 1958
Harvey S. Fletcher John H. Potts 1958
John G. Frayne Fellowship 1958
James B. Lansing Citation 1958
Charles Jr. Lauda Fellowship 1958
William S. Miltenburg Fellowship 1958
Les Paul Honorary Membership 1958
Bob Hugh Smith Fellowship 1958
Robert Stephens Citation 1958
Leopold Stokowski Honorary Membership 1958
Loy E. Barton Honorary Membership 1957
Chester Boggs Fellowship 1957
Herbert E. Farmer AES Award 1957
Warren P. Mason Honorary Membership 1957
Harry Nyquist Honorary Membership 1957
Harry F. Olson Honorary Membership 1957
Henry E. Roys Emile Berliner 1957
Carleton K. Sawyer AES Award 1957
Edward C. Wente John H. Potts 1957
Walter S. Barrell Honorary Membership 1956
S.J. Begun Emile Berliner 1956
Warren D. Birkenhead AES Award 1956
Herbert E. Farmer Citation 1956
O.B. Hanson John H. Potts 1956
J. Warren Horton Honorary Membership 1956
Peter L. Jensen Honorary Membership 1956
J.A. Pierce Honorary Membership 1956
Edwin S. Pridham Honorary Membership 1956
H. J. von Braunmuhl Fellowship 1956
H.J. von Braunmuhl Honorary Membership 1956
Ralph E. Allison Fellowship 1955
William S. Bachman Emile Berliner 1955
Alexis Badmeiff Fellowship 1955
Leo L. Beranek Honorary Membership 1955
Emmanuel Berlandt Fellowship 1955
William L. Cara Certificate of Recognition 1955
Arthur C. Davis Fellowship 1955
Lee deForest John H. Potts 1955
William L. Everitt Honorary Membership 1955
Sherman M. Fairchild John H. Potts 1955
C.T. Kierulff Certificate of Recognition 1955
Boyd E. McKnight Citation 1955
William A. Palmer Fellowship 1955
Norman C. Pickering AES Award 1955
Julius B. Postal Fellowship 1955
Harry N. Reizes Certificate of Recognition 1955
Albert Sainte-Hilaire Fellowship 1955
Albert St. Hillaire Fellowship 1955
William V. Stancil Fellowship 1955
F.E. Terman Honorary Membership 1955
Howard M. Tremaine Fellowship 1955
Edward H. Uecke Fellowship 1955
Benjamin B. Bauer Fellowship 1954
Leo L. Beranek Fellowship 1954
Harold S. Black Honorary Membership 1954
Harry L. Bryant Fellowship 1954
John D. Colvin AES Award 1954
W. Robert Dresser Fellowship 1954
Cyril M. Harris Fellowship 1954
Richard F. Hastings Citation 1954
Frederick V. Hunt Emile Berliner 1954
Edward W. Kellogg Fellowship 1954
Hugh S. Knowles Fellowship 1954
Harold J. Leak Fellowship 1954
Walter E. Lehnert Fellowship 1954
Vincent J. Liebler Fellowship 1954
Theodore Lindenberg Fellowship 1954
J.P. Maxfield John H. Potts 1954
C.G. McProud Fellowship 1954
William H. Jr. Offenhauser Fellowship 1954
Vincent Salmon Fellowship 1954
Ralph A. Schlegal Fellowship 1954
Harold T. Sherman Citation 1954
W. Oliver Summerlin Fellowship 1954
Howard A. Chinn Fellowship 1953
Harry C. Harrison Emile Berliner 1953
Edward W. Kellogg John H. Potts 1953
C.J. LeBel Fellowship 1953
C.G. McProud AES Award 1953
Chester A. Rackey Fellowship 1953
Henry E. Roys Fellowship 1953
Edward C. Wente Honorary Membership 1953
W. Lindsay Black Fellowship 1952
Harold Burris-Myer Fellowship 1952
Frank L. Capps John H. Potts 1952
Isabel Capps Fellowship 1952
James Y. Dunbar Fellowship 1952
Price E. Fish Fellowship 1952
Harvey S. Fletcher Honorary Membership 1952
Ernest W. Franck Fellowship 1952
Lewis S. Goodfriend Fellowship 1952
John K. Hilliard Fellowship 1952
Frederick V. Hunt Honorary Membership 1952
William F. Jordan Fellowship 1952
Vern O. Knudsen Honorary Membership 1952
Samuel F. Lybarger Fellowship 1952
John T. Mullin Fellowship 1952
Harry F. Olson Fellowship 1952
Norman C. Pickering Fellowship 1952
John Preston Fellowship 1952
Albert A. Pulley Fellowship 1952
Richard H. Ranger Fellowship 1952
H.I. Reiskind Fellowship 1952
Carleton K. Sawyer Fellowship 1952
Ralph A. Schlegal AES Award 1952
Herman H. Scott Fellowship 1952
J.P. Jr. Smith Fellowship 1952
S. Edward Sorenson Fellowship 1952
W. Earl Stewart Fellowship 1952
Myron J. Stolaroff Fellowship 1952
William J. Temple Fellowship 1952
F. Sumner Hall AES Award 1951
Herman H. Scott John H. Potts 1951
Howard A. Chinn John H. Potts 1950
Chester A. Rackey AES Award 1950
C.J. LeBel AES Award 1949
Harry F. Olson John H. Potts 1949
Jim Starzynski Board of Governors Award 0
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