Links to Manufacturers

Links to Manufacturers

Dolby Labs historical resources Part of company website, which includes illustrated text history of Dolby Labs and illustrated chronology May, 1965 - present day in PDF format

Georg Neumann Berlin Historical Collection (Germany)  Thorough documentation of current and historical Berlin Neumann microphones, in PDF format.

Grommes History  Web-only history of Chicago-based hifi manufacturer.

Quantegy  Brief history on company website of magnetic tape manufacturer founded by John Herbert Orr.

Schoeps Classics Comprehensive site devoted to history of celebrated German microphone manufacturer. In English.

Schoeps M221 Site focusing on venerated Schoeps model, in English and German. This is a link to a schematic diagram of the electronics in the 221B.

Studer History (Switzerland)  History of Studer on company website

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