Index of 3M "SoundTalk" Bulletins

Index of 3M "SoundTalk" Bulletins

Compiled by Jay McKnight,
Magnetic Reference Lab,
2000-06-27; revised 2001-02-11

"B" designates "Bulletins", and "V" and "N" designates "Volume" and "Number"

Scans of all bulletins are available.

B1: Explanation of Curve Graphs (Codes: SR-GA, SR-GB, SR-GC), dated 1948-10-07
B2: The Use of High Frequency Bias in Magnetic Recording, dated 1948-10-07
B3: Even Order Harmonic Distortion in Magnetic Tape Recording, undated
B4: Establishing AC Bias Values in Magnetic Recorders, undated
B5: Visible Tracks on Magnetic Tape, undated
B6: Effects of Tape Contact on Frequency Response, undated
B7: Erasure by Permanent Magnets, undated
B8: Magnetic Recordings with DC Bias, undated
B9: Magnetic Recording List of References -- Where to Find Them, undated
B10: Layer-To-Layer Signal Transfer in Rolls of Magnetic Tape, undated
B11: Time Effects in Erasing Magnetic Recordings, dated 1949-07-30
B12: The Use of Metal and Plastic Reels with "Scotch" Sound Recording Tape, undated
B13: [Tape Improvements], undated
B14: Frequency Dependence of Permissible Recording Current, dated 1950-06-09
B15: The Use of No. 111 Sound Recording Tape on Machines Designed for No.112 Tape, undated
B16: FM Interference, by Ken Maxwell, undated
B17: Measurement of Harmonic Distortion with a Filter, dated 1952-06-15
B18: F.M. Tape Noise, dated 1952-06-15
B19: Handling and Storage of Magnetic Tape, undated
B20: Remanent Flux Curves for Magnetic Recording Tapes, dated 1953-01-02
B21: Output vs. Bias Current Curves for"Scotch" Brand Magnetic Recording Tapes, dated 1953-02
B22: Magnetic Properties of "Scotch" Brand Tape Coatings, dated 1953-03
B23: Problems in Plastic Reel Design, dated 1953-05
B24: AC Erasure of Magnetic Tape, dated 1953-07
B25: Low Frequency Problems in Magnetic Recording, dated 1953-09-01
B26: Splicing Techniques for Magnetic Tape, dated 1953-10
B27: Head Alignment and Wear Problems, dated 1953-12
B28: Recent Progress in the Production of Error-Free Magnetic Computer Tape, dated 1954-05
B29: Bibliography of Magnetic Recording 1900-1953, by Alfred Jorysz, dated 1954-08
B30: The Story of #190 Tape, dated 1954-09
B31: The Effect of Coating Thickness on the Frequency Response of Magnetic Tape, by R. A. von Behren, undated
B32: Mechanical Considerations in the Use of Thin Base Recording Tapes, by R. A. von Behren, undated
B33: Laminated Magnetic Tracks for Motion Picture Film, by R. F. Dubbe, undated
B34: Various Aspects of "Tape Noise", by R. A. von Behren, undated
B35: Physical Limitations of Magnetic Tape, by A. H. Persoon, undated
B36: Precision Reels for Instrumentation Recording, by R. A. von Behren, undated
B37: Reduction of Dropout Errors in Magnetic Recording Systems, by R. A. von Behren, undated
B38: Storage of Master Tapes to Minimize Print, by Ray Smith, dated 1960-08-15
B39: Pedestal Height Adjustment, undated
B40: Tape Considerations for Continuous Loop Recording, undated
V1N1: Design Considerations to Insure Interchangeability of Recording Tape, dated 1968
V1N2: High Frequency Bias Requirements for Magnetic Tape Recording, dated 1968
V2N1: Polyester and Acetate for Magnetic Recording Tape Backings, dated 1969
V2N2: Splicing Tapes and their Proper Application, dated 1969
V2N3: [Mechanical] Alignment, dated 1969
V3N1: The Handling & Storage of Magnetic Recording Tape, dated 1970
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