AES Technical Committee

Electro Magnetic Compatibility

Chair:    Bill Whitlock    (Send Email)
Chair:    J M Woodgate    (Send Email)


Raise the level of awareness of, and expertise in, EMC and System

Interconnection issues throughout the professional audio community.  

Contribute to the planning and execution of workshops, papers sessions,

master classes, and tutorial lectures at AES conventions and meetings of

local chapters that address EMC and system interconnection.


Prepare tutorial materials on EMC and system interconnection for publication

by the AES Technical Council.

Provide support to the AES Standards Committee on matters relating to EMC and

System Interconnection.

Areas of Concentration

  • Power distribution for audio systems
  • Grounding for audio systems
  • Fundamentals of interconnection of audio systems
  • Mechanisms by which noise and radio frequency interference (RFI) are coupled into audio systems
  • Design techniques for products and systems to avoid the coupling of noise and RFI
  • Techniques for the suppression of noise and interference in legacy products and systems
  • A catalog of common interference sources and other threats to signal integrity, including the technical characteristics of each, the coupling mechanisms likely to be involved, practical suppression measures, and an on-line database of their typical sonic signatures

Meeting Report:

These documents do not necessarily express the official position of the AES on the issues discussed at these meetings, and only represent the views of committee members participating in the discussion. Any unauthorized use of these publications is prohibited. Authorization must be obtained from the Executive Director of the AES: Email, Tel: +1 212 661 8528, Address: 60 East 42nd Street, Room 2520, New York, New York 10165-2520, USA.

2014-5-2     Report of Technical Committee TC-EMC 140428
Description: Report from 136th Convnetion


2014-5-2     How to lose a million dollars
Description: An example of what can and does happen.

2014-5-1     Changes in EMC standards and European regulation
Description: Presentation by John Woodgate at the 136th Convention meeting

2014-4-22     Agenda for 136th Convention
Description: Draft agenda

2014-4-20     Important changes in EMC standards and European regulations
Description: New developments that affect everyone in professional audio

2007-4-25     A Selective Bibliography for Electromagnetic Compatibility in Audio Systems
Description: The publications listed below are recommended by the AES Technical Committee on EMC as representative of good practice and current knowledge.

Committee Members

 Jim Brown  Ray A. Rayburn  Rick Chinn 
 Bruce Olson  J M Woodgate  Joel Vieira de Brito 
 Bill Whitlock  Jay Paul  Jamie Angus 
 Avedis Kifedjian  Arnold Knott  David Josephson 

To request membership in this Technical Committee please email the Chair by using the link above.

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