Technical Council & Committees

Technical Committees: Current Areas Of Work

Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement

We've recently launched a study group to look into issues surrounding monitoring and regulation of noise exposure and pollution due to outdoor events.

The primary contributors to the group are:

* Etienne Corteel (L-Acoustics, France)

* Christian Frick (Rocket Science, Switzerland)

* Jim Griffiths (Vanguardia, UK)

* Adam Hill (University of Derby, UK)

* Marcel Kok (dBcontrol, Netherlands)

* Bob McCarthy (Meyer Sound, USA)

* Kees Neervoort (Event Acoustics, Netherlands)

* Elena Shabalina (d&b, Germany)

The general aim of this group is to develop a set of recommendations outlining what needs to be done to address the issue of noise exposure and pollution due to outdoor events, with an emphasis on practicality and preservation of a good audience experience.

Loudspeakers and Headphones
  • standards,
  • workshops,
Network Audio Systems
  • Track and recommend standards development for audio networking
  • Assemble and organize workshops and other AES convention activities related to audio networking
Coding of Audio Signals
  • Parametric Multi-Channel/Multi-Object Audio Coding
  • Coding of 3D Audio Signals
  • Low Delay General Audio Coding
  • Combined Audio/Speech Coding
  • Producing a next generation of the TC's popular educational CD ROM 'Perceptual Audio Coders - What to Listen for' with an extended artifact inventory and - possibly - surround sound examples
Perception and Subjective Evaluation of Audio Signals
  • Perceptual evaluation of spatial sound fields
  • Multi-dimensional testing and statistics (beyond just basic audio quality)
  • Head phone testing
  • Speech intelligibility
Recording Technology and Practices

The Technical Committee of Studio Practices and Production is currently collaborating with the Producer's and Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy in several areas.

In the area of Master Delivery Recommendations, we support a best-practices document that is released to both the AES and the NARAS constituencies.

Also, we are currently developing high-resolution, surround demonstrations for the upcoming AES Convention in San Francisco in the fall of 2006. These demonstrations will be hands-on with broad interaction between the audiencees and well-known practitioners in the field.

Microphones and Applications

At this moment the TCMA is providing input for workshops, tutorials, etc. to be held in conjunction with society conventions.

Automotive Audio

- Max SPL

- Automotive loudspeaker measurements

- Common best practice

Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention
  1. Organizing a 2nd International AES Conference on Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention. Anticipated Date: Late 2015 to early 2016
  2. Re-starting an program to provide hearing screening testing at AES Conventions in the US and Europe, on a permanent basis.
  3. Organize a Special issue of JAES on hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention topics.
Audio Forensics
  • To extend knowledge of audio forensic practice and techniques world-wide
  • To identify areas requiring additional research
  • To bring together professionals and students in the area of audio forensics
  • To encourage publication of papers, and to arrange tutorials, conferences and workshops, within the AES
  • To support standards committees on forensic audio via fostering of refereed journal publications
Audio for Cinema

Standards work to produce a modern, workable, and accurate procedure to test and calibrate a sound system is underway as SC-04-08.

Cinema Loudness: a study group, led by Eelco Grimm, is working on a report dealing with aspects of this issue.

Subbass Loudness/Measurement: We are continuing to have discussions on this issue, raised at the 57th Conference in Hollywood and discussed in New York.

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