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ACO Pacific, Inc.

ACO Pacific, Inc.

ACO Pacific, Inc.

2604 Read Avenue
Belmont, CA 94002

Phone: +1 650 595 8588
Fax: +1 650 591 2891
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Company Profile

For over 35 years, ACO Pacific continues to innovate. With the addition of the NetSLARM™, community and environmental noise mitigation monitoring noise monitors and alarms have become network appliances. e-SLARM™ technology provides built-in Ethernet/InterNet connectivity. WebSLARM™ provides worldwide web browser access and control along with email, SMS, and Text Alerts. The SLARMulti™ permits wide area coverage allowing multiple microphones to work with a single NetSLARM. Operating standalone or with a PC, SLARMlight™ remote signal of network and internet connected NetSLARMs. The SLARM™ Family has found a wide range of indoor and outdoor (with our ODM Outdoor assemblies) applications including: the ATT Performing Arts Center-Dallas—mitigating outdoor venue levels for the nearby concert hall, nightclub monitoring; verifying gate alarm horns on a dam; detecting arriving helicopters at a hospital helipad—to minimize fume ingress; monitoring a large condo complex (a SLARMulti app) or the Ocean Speedway Sprint Car track both addressing community complaints; monitoring the noise for Johns Hopkins Hospital during a major renovation, protecting lab animals at a vivarium—determining what goes “bump in the night.” A major supplier of Measurement Quality windscreens for indoor and outdoor use. The RHOM and Hemi 18 series for ILFN noise monitoring or (wind farms, powerplants and other low frequency sources) as well as our WS-80T weather and UV resistant family designed for outdoor applications. A manufacturer, supplier, and developer of IEC61094 compliant measurement microphones and systems supplied to end-users, OEM, and system integrators worldwide ACO Pacific microphone products cover from below 2 Hz to above 120 kHz and less than <<5 dBA to over 175 dBSPL. Phantom powered products include the 4048 measurement microphone preamplifier; and the 7052PH phantom powered measurement microphone package with the 7052E Titanium diaphragm capsule and the ICP1248 Phantom to IEPE converter. Other system packages include ACOustical Interface™ Systems, PS9200KITs and 7052SYS ACOtron™ IEPE measurement microphone, and Simple Intensity™ sound intensity packages. MATT™ microphone attenuators extend the SPL range of SLMs and other measurement equipment. Our family of windscreens includes our WSX-80T series of top ranked outdoor windscreens. Innovative ACOtron™ preamplifiers include: the RAS packages (Right Angle) provide for easy installation in chambers and on production lines meeting the needs of specialized test fixtures or unique mounting requirements. The 3025 Extremely Random™ white/pink noise generator provides accurate, long period (one week) random noise. Applications for ACO Pacific’s products are diverse including: room acoustics; loudspeaker testing; automotive and aircraft—even spacecraft design; sound quality measurements; heavy equipment manufacturing; blast monitoring, or other environmental measurements; special effects and studio/ field recording and very specialized scientific applications like photo-acoustic spectroscopy. ACO Pacific products are available directly from ACO Pacific, our international representatives or from our OEM customers and Systems Integrators. Thank you for letting us serve you. ACOustics Begins With ACO™.

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