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UNITON AG is an innovative company working close to the market and has a long tradition in the electro acoustic field. UNITON was founded in 1957 and is well known for its high quality Swiss made products. The company develops, manufactures, and exports professional audio and voice alarm / voice evacuation systems and all necessary components worldwide. All products are in accordance with safety standards EN 54-16 / EN 60849 / BS 5839 / NEN 2575. The UNITON PRODAS product line is TÜV type tested and EN54-16 certified. The product range also includes processor controlled audio systems (LAN-Networking, Digital Signal Processing DSP), MPEG speech and music memory systems, digital loudspeaker line and amplifier surveillance systems, PA-systems, sound distribution, mixing consoles, power- and mixer- amplifiers 100/70/50V, clock-systems, loudspeakers, paging desks, microphones, and remote control units. In a fast moving market we focus on highly qualified staff in our research and engineering department in order to consequently follow up the latest technical developments. This is one reason why UNITON has always put revolutionary novelties on the market since the company was founded. The UNITON PRODAS compact music and voice alarm system MPS-1200 is an intelligent, processor controlled system amplifier customized for evacuation systems. Furthermore, UNITON has put the digital System Controller PMD-1080 of the UNITON PRODAS series on the market. Together with the DMAX-1414, MPS-1200 and SLS-1000 these innovative components for UNITON’s digital sound systems for emergency purposes provide safety of the highest possible standard for Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE) according to EN 54-16 standards/VDE 0833-4. The digital signal processing, combined with a 2-channel voice recorder guarantees a most professional evacuation. For an even better Safety in buildings in case of fire, amok and other emergencies the new expansion module RS-485AMEV has been developed. Enhancing the digital UNITON PRODAS voice alarm systems and sound systems for emergency purposes DMAX-1414 and PMD-1080 it enables to quickly identify the precise location of the triggered alarm. Delivering important information to rescue teams it is key for a most efficient evacuation. The corporate strategy orientates itself to modern business aspects. The company’s products are assigned to a specified use in hotels, shopping centers, factories, restaurants, schools, and sports grounds — in fact, wherever there is a need for high quality audio equipment as designed by UNITON.

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