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Sterling Sound

Sterling Sound

88 10th Avenue
6th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Phone: +1 212 604 9433
Fax: +1 212 604 9964

Company Profile

Founded in 1968, Sterling has been instrumental in transforming mastering to the highly interactive creative stage that artists, producers, and engineers have come to rely upon. Since its founding, Sterling’s engineers have mastered many of the highest selling most groundbreaking releases of the time; in 2011 Sterling mastered three of the five “Record of the Year” Grammy nominees. Located in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, Sterling’s 25,000 square-foot (2,323 m^2) facility includes highly individualized mastering studios for each of Sterling’s senior engineers. Each suite includes a private lounge and separate production/editing studio and a full complement of custom processing gear. Projects are approached in two stages; a creative treatment to enhance the mix followed by an optimizing stage for the specific release format which may include any or all of the following; vinyl, CD, MFiT (Mastered for iTunes). Sterling also offers multi-track transfer services for archival and remix projects.

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