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47173 Benicia Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: +1 510 319 4251

Company Profile

The purpose of the UL Audio Lab is to provide the industry with a factual and scientific process to determine the sound quality of microphones, speakers, headphones, and playback devices. This will be achieved through a combination of objective and subjective audio testing. The objective testing will include S/N ratio, THD, frequency response, etc., which will answer the question, "How does the device perform?" The subjective testing will include a panel of public listeners and a panel of industry experts that will provide feedback to the question, "How does the device sound?"

We at the UL Audio Lab are also very interested in the HD or High-Res (ultrasonic and subsonic) claims and performance of audio devices. We are testing devices that claim to perform above and below the range of human hearing and are working with leading companies to develop test fixtures that will test devices for these frequencies. We are also testing "audiophile" grade music files available to the public to determine their true sample rate and bit depth.

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