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AES 144 Meet The Judges! Peter Swann

AES 144 Meet The Judges! Peter Swann

Peter Swann built his first console as a high school student in 1980, and has been passionate about the art of audio ever since.  After 20 years of studio ownership in the analog and digital worlds, he found himself still searching for devices that could create the tone he craved.  

In 2017, he formally launched Useful Arts Audio.  Useful Arts was born out of an aesthetic quest for vibrant, living sound straight from the source — not merely a technically clean sound that needs enhancement after enhancement to excite the listener. 
Useful Arts designs and manufactures truly compromise-free products, using only the best components hand-assembled into inspiring products from innovative designs.  With a philosophical emphasis on the interplay between electrical artifacts and the subjective listening experience, Useful Arts seeks to optimize – not eliminate – the effects of tubes and transformers on the sonic result.
Through Useful Arts, Peter has created and distributes the SFP-60 Microphone Preamplifier, the BF-1 stage instrument preamp/DI and the BF-S PRO DI studio instrument interface.  The SFP-60 includes a unique “color” control that allows the engineer to blend in variable amounts of second harmonic distortion to compliment the signal source.
A passionate supporter of the 21st century manufacturing renaissance, Peter also consults with other professional audio designers to help them bring their concepts to life in metal, silicon and glass.

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2018

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