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AES 144 Meet The Judges! Leslie Gaston-Bird

AES 144 Meet The Judges! Leslie Gaston-Bird

Leslie Gaston-Bird AMPS, MPSE  Vice President, Western Region (USA & Canada) AES began working in 2002 at Post Modern Company in Denver, Colorado, restoring soundtracks for classic Sony / Columbia films from as early as the 1930's. At the same time, she began work on her Master of Science in Recording Arts (MSRA) degree at the University of Colorado Denver. 

She earned her MSRA degree in 2003 with a thesis titled, “Music Video Vérité”, a pioneering work in recording mulititrack audio alongside performances filmed in multiple locations and edited together as one seamless performance. Shortly afterwards, she accepted a tenure-track position at CU Denver and is now an Associate Professor of Recording Arts. 

Leslie has been involved in research with Dolby Laboratories in San Fransisco and Gates Planetarium in Denver. She continues to do freelance work, and is currently exploring ways to improve the audio experience as a whole. In 2011 she was granted a Fulbright award to research Blu-Ray audio at the University of York in York, England. 

Posted: Monday, May 21, 2018

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