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AES145 Student Design Competition Interview: Kamil Piotrowski


 1) Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what do you study?

I am from Poland and my hometown is Bydgoszcz but currently I live in Cracow. I moved out to study Acoustic Engineering - the field of studies that in Poland is only at AGH University of Science and Technology. To be honest, I didn't know exactly what the field is related to but after some time I find it out and I got keen on acoustics. In the present, I am involved in a number of projects, bigger and smaller, and I really like it.

3) Tell us about production of your submission? What is the story behind it? How long did you work on it? Was it your first entry? What kind of problem can it solve or improve?

I have made an application on FDTD simulation. The acronym stands for "finite-difference time-domain" and it's related to the simulation method I used. It enables watching computation results in real-time what isn't common in many methods. Also, it's relatively fast and, what I proved in my research, accurate enough to analyze audio problems. It's much improved version of my diploma thesis program and I presented it at the 145th AES Convention about year after my first lines of code were written. First serious software, first international conference and first big award of my own - the triple!


4) Did you considered commercializing your project? Are there any business or product possibilities?

Of course I did! Maybe, in the plethora of own-made simulation programs, my proposition can be unnoticeable yet but I know very well that with a little support from someone I can turn my application into a useful reliable acoustic tool. I have many ideas. I have even started improving the software but there is a long way ahead of me. It would be a lot better, if my colleague Adam didn't take the Interfacio Award!


5) Do you know or consider any future steps? Will it be linked with the project you’ve presented?


Many things happen around me in last few weeks. Firstly, I have to take care of some duties connected with the studies and other conferences but in fact nothing with the project. Thinking of next Saul Walker Student Design Competition in Dublin!


6) Tell us about your favourite experiences at the 145th AES convention in New York!


All my trip here was a one big adventure! Primarily, the 145th AES Convention brougth me experiences of meeting wonderful people. The networking was very good and it surprised me the most. And of course I won't forget the sweet taste of success.


Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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