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AES143 Student Recording Competition Interview: Kerrick Michael Crace

AES143 Student Recording Competition Interview: Kerrick Michael Crace

1) Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what do you study?

I'm originally from Kennesaw (suburb of Atlanta), but I've lived in Nashville for 7 years now and it's my home. I recently graduated from Belmont University with a self oriented focus on score composition and film audio, and formally I graduated with a B.S. degree in Audio Engineering Technology with a minor in Music Business.

2) What initiated your passion for audio? When did it start?

I've grown up playing and composing on piano since I was 4 years old, though I never really learned to read music past a basic level. My piano teacher, after my stubborness wouldn't cease, fostered ear training and I learned to play fully by ear by the age of 8 or so. From there I learned to play other instruments - guitars, bass, drums, a little trumpet and viola, and I developed an ear for how instruments sound and fit together. Recorded bands throughout high school with a super simple Zoom 16 multitrack and maybe 3 mics. From that point on my perfectionist mind was always fascinated with sound and making things sound better and better. I realized in 2014 that I wasn't meant to record bands all my life (though I still will on the side), but I realized with my passion for audio and composition - and after having an incredible emotional reaction to seeing Interstellar in IMAX - that I had to fight to become a film score composer. Since then, I have trained myself to score films and have been lucky enough to work on over 2 dozen short films and bigger ones are in the works right now! Scoring really is the one things I feel that I can do in this world to impact people and to help creators share their story or to enhance a vision. This is everything to me, it is purpose.

3) Tell us about production of your submission? What is the story behind it? What inspired it? How long did you work on it? Was it your first entry?

This was my second entry! Last year I won a Bronze for a project under a similar situation, so I was really exciting and relieved to know I not only placed this time as well, but I did better than last year which feels great! So for this project I was hired to both create an original score and fully mix/master and do all the postproduction audio. The film was a successful graduate thesis project for Emerson College M.F.A. student Logan Freeman. I began the project in January of 2017 and completed both the score and the final mix in April of 2017. Upon deciding to submit, I created a 2.1 version and performed a remix to enhance and tighten things. The film, "Fated to Repeat," covers the struggle of an Alabama grunge rock band attempting to recover after losing one of their members in a tragic accident. My submission took place towards the middle of the 20min film and followed Mia, the band's now lead singer, who has gone outside the music venue to find the father of their deceased lead singer, Evan. The clip begins with Evan's father abruptly driving away when he sees Mia, which triggers Mia into a dream state where she recalls her past experiences with Evan and the band.

4) What/who made you join AES?

I went to a local Nashville AES when I was a freshman or sophomore I believe, and I joined our Belmont chapter then. I became the Treasurer for my junior year and then the Chair for my senior year.

5) Tell us about your favourite experiences at the 143st AES convention in NY!

Two of my fellow Belmont friends who are in the Audio masters program were able to present their research at AES and it was exciting to see that! I loved the seminars on film audio - they will keep me coming back every year for sure. Honestly I also just enjoyed New York as it was my first time being there, and getting to spend it with friends, celebrating the Recording Compeition results was incredible. Also getting to be in the room with SO many incredible engineers and creators is priceless and gives me a boost of energy that I hope will last me until next time!


To listen to Kerrick's project click here:

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2018

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