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AES 143 | Thank You Sponsors! Acustica Audio

AES 143 | Thank You Sponsors! Acustica Audio
In these modern days of accessibility, nearly anything can be purchased. If you have money, you can simply have things. This sets you apart because you are able to amass more tools.
But Acustica has a different idea about the future: true power is knowledge. When it comes to our tools, anyone with a small amount of money (compared to the enormous cost of audio gear and software) can have tools more powerful and more “musical” than they have ever imagined. We are living in a radical and liberating era of audio and audio technology, nearly everyone who works with audio is seeing this. Now the differences between the average person and the wealthier person are much smaller in respects to the tools that can be attained. They meet however on the common ground of knowledge. And now, only creativity, ability, and what one does with these tools are the barometer of difference.
We believe true richness is found in possessing knowledge. Knowledge and hard work equates to wealth. Here at Acustica, one can easily acquire amazing tools to prove that...

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Posted: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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