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The Student Delegate Assembly is looking for a new Vice Chair (Europe and International Regions)

The Student Delegate Assembly is looking for a new Vice Chair (Europe and International Regions)

A message from Brecht De Man, Vice Chair of the Student Delegate Assembly for Europe and International Regions 

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Like with every convention, we are again looking for a new student ambassador to join the ranks of the Student Delegate Assembly. We are just four audio students representing the 4,000 of you, organising the events at the Conventions, supporting student activities and answering queries from all over the world. 

The SDA consists of two representatives for North and Latin America, and two representatives for European and International Regions (i.e. everything that’s not the Americas). At every convention, one Chair retires, one Vice Chair assumes the position of said Chair, and one new recruit joins the ranks as Vice Chair. This May, we regret to say goodbye to Simon-Claudius Wystrach, SDA Chair for Europe and International Regions for one more Convention, as I try to fill his footsteps, leaving the Vice Chair position vacant. 

In an average week as SDA representative, I may join a Transatlantic Skype call with the rest of the SDA leadership as well as the Education Co-chairs Kyle P. Snyder and Magdalena Plewa; post something on the SDA’s blog, Facebook and Twitter account; email an audio software company to ask if they would like to sponsor the Student Recording Competition; email a Grammy-winning recording engineer to enquire if they want to be a judge on that competition; and respond to a few emails from student members who want to organise an event, set up a section, or confuse the AES with SAE, an audio school. 
To me, the main ‘perk' of serving the AES Students as SDA representative, is the opportunity to talk to countless companies, rock star engineers, fellow students, and distinguished AES members. Within my own sections (the London UK Student Section of which I’m chair, and the British Section where I’m a committee member) it helped me by acquiring insight into the global AES organisation, and being contacted all the time to help out with AES conferences and events - to which I always end up saying yes! 
Above all, it can be a LOT of fun to hang out with the most passionate audio geeks in the world, in awesome cities such as Warsaw, Los Angeles, Berlin, New York, Rome, San Fransisco … 
In short, I’ve had the best time since assuming the position of Vice Chair for Europe and International Regions, and can only recommend you to consider applying! 

Here’s a few things you need in order to qualify: 
- be an AES student member in any part of the world that’s not North or Latin America;
- good writing and communication skills; 
- ready to commit to two full years (four Conventions) of organising the student events at the Conventions, being the ‘first line of defense’ of the AES towards students, serving as the interface between the student sections and the professional body of the AES; 
- being present at the 138th Convention in Warsaw, preferably from the first day when we announce candidates, up until the last day when the election takes place. 

A few other things are recommended: 
- hanging around with us (you’ll find us at the SDA booth at the Convention and at the various student events) to get a feel for what we do, and ask us any questions you may have; 
- leadership experience, e.g. running a local AES Student Section; 
- enjoying talking to fellow students - this seems to be a good strategy to get elected if you have some competition! 

If you are interested in running, please contact Magdalena Plewa, AES Education Committee Vice Chair: [email protected]


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Simon-Claudius Wystrach - Chair (Europe and International Regions) [website|twitter]

Steven Van Dyne - Chair (Northern and Latin America) [website|twitter]

Brecht De Man - Vice Chair (Europe and International Regions) [website|twitter]

Zach Bloomstein - Vice Chair (Northern and Latin America) [twitter]



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Posted: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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