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132nd Student Recording Competition — The Interviews, Part III

132nd Student Recording Competition — The Interviews, Part III

Interview with Nikola Jeremic (Advanced School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade) – GOLD Category 4

SDA:   How long did you work on your competition entry? Was this your first entry?

     NJ:     I worked for about a week on it. Two days for recording, two for editing, and three for mixing. Yes, it was my first entry.


SDA:   Tell us about the production of your entry. Stories? Inspirations?

     NJ:     Two of the most interesting things that I ever did were on this recording: I made a spaceship cabin atmosphere by placing a mic inside a blender and running the blender on different speeds to capture a variety of sounds. Then, I used Nuendo to do a lot of pitch bending and shifting to get the sound I wanted. I also recorded animals at Belgrade Zoo for aliens that are featured in the video. The monkeys were difficult to record because they were throwing feces at me!

I get a lot of inspiration from movies, video games, and books. I am a big fan of all of the projects that have come out of Skywalker Sound.


SDA:   What initiated your passion for audio? When did it start?

     NJ:     My passion for audio was initiated quite accidentaly. I wasn't a very good student in highschool, and eventualy I had to find an occupation for myself, so I started playing guitar. I had a couple of bands, but they didn't last for long. I started working on my own and got interested in film and game soundtracks. I took that path and never looked back. I learned most things by myself; I am a self-educated musician and composer. After some time, I decided to bring my creativity to a higher level and applied for Advanced School Of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade to start learning the technical side of sound.


SDA:   Funniest experience as an engineer so far?

     NJ:     Hmmm... Definitely the monkeys and the flying feces while I was recording sounds for this competition entry!


SDA:   Biggest mistake you made during a production?

     NJ:     Recording the monkeys. Also: forgetting to shut down the “destructive recording“ in Pro Tools. That's a bad thing to do.


SDA:   Favorite frequency?

     NJ:     120Hz of big, bad, Taiko Drum bass boom.


SDA:   Favorite mic, outboard box, and plugin?

     NJ:     Favorite Mic – AKG 414 (It's great for any type of studio recording)
Favorite Outboard Box – Lexicon PCM 96 Reverb
Favorite Plugin – UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip


SDA:   Best recording of all time?

     NJ:     The whole sound for the movie “Inception”, including Hans Zimmer's music score.


SDA:   Do you play any instruments?

     NJ:     Yes, I play guitars, anything with a keyboard, and some percussion instruments.


SDA:   Any other hobbies?

     NJ:     Watching a lot of movies, playing video games, reading, collecting Fighter Airplane models.


SDA:   The best part of the 132nd AES Convention?

     NJ:     The Education Forum, Carreer Fair, and, of course, The Student Recording Competition.


SDA:   The best thing about the AES organization?

     NJ:     A whole lot of people who love the same thing, getting together in one place to share their knowledge and experience.


SDA:   Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

     NJ:     Hopefully working at Skywalker Sound or Warner Brothers Scoring Stage, writting my own music for films and video games.


Nikola Jeremic has made available his submission for viewing at

Nikola has also recently been featured on PreSonus' blog for his tutorials on their Studio One DAW. Read his articles here:


Posted: Sunday, July 1, 2012

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