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Past Winners of AES Student Recording Competition at 126th AES Convention

126th AES Convention Munich 2009

The recording competition winners from the 126th Convention in Munich have been announced.


Approximately 80 entries were received for the competition

Daniel Deboy (left), John Krivit (right)

Daniel Deboy (left), John Krivit (right)


Johannes Oscarsson (left), John Krivit (right)
Johannes Oscarsson (left), John Krivit (right)


Stereo - Pop/Rock

  1. Anton Persson - Luleå University of Technology
  2. Simon Oberender - Detmold University of Music
  3. Lars Spurr - The Royal Danish Music Academy


Stereo - Jazz/Blues

  1. Benjamin Ribolet - Conservatoire de Paris
  2. Grzegorz Sikora - McGill University


Stereo - World/Folk

  1. Brian Losch - McGill University
  2. Nils Carlsson - Luleå University of Technology
  3. Robin Ken Boes - Detmold University of Music


Stereo - Classical

  1. Ulrich Treutwein - University of Music and Perfoming Arts Vienna
  2. Wojciech Mielimaka - Fryderyk Chopin Univerity of Music
  3. Johannes Oscarsson - Luleå University of Technology


Surround - Non Classical

  1. Daniel Deboy - University Of Music And Dramatic Arts Graz
  2. Jonathan Hoffman - FH Duesseldorf
  3. Kyohei Takahashi - Tokyo University of the Arts


Surround - Classical

  1. Johannes Oscarsson - Luleå University of Technology
  2. Maria Kantorowicz - The Banff Centre
  3. Alexander Mikhlin - Russian Gnesin Academy of Music
  4. Tobias Gensheimer - Honorable Mention - FH Duesseldorf

The SDA would like to give special thanks to our judges and the following sponsors: Beyer Dynamic, Merging Technologies, Schoeps, George Massenburg DesignWorks, Sennheiser, and Focal Press. 

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