Project AES-X206 initiation

[page updated 2012-02-08]

This project was proposed by working group SC-05-02. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-05 and assigned to the working group SC-05-02 on Working Group on Audio Connectors.

TITLE AES-X206, Frequency Response Data file format
SCOPE An industry practice has evolved over the past years for the format of a file format for data exchange of frequency response (magnitude and phase) data of transducers and other audio systems. Two variants are documented. Scope of this project is to define the FRD format as closely as possible in standard terms.
OUTPUT INTENT Information document
RATIONALE Many programs use, generate and store data on magnitude and phase response of audio devices and systems. An industry standard has emerged defining two format variants for this data. It would be useful to present this format in standard terms so it can be more widely used.
WHO BENEFITS? Users and manufacturers of audio equipment increasingly rely on accurate communication of frequency response data to achieve their design and implementation goals.
WHY AES? AES members benefit directly from clear communication of frequency-response data and also have the expertise to write a widely-acceptable information document.
AES - Audio Engineering Society