Project AES-X205 initiation

[page updated 2012-02-08]

This project was proposed by working group SC-05-02. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the working group SC-05-02 on Working Group on Audio Connectors.

TITLE AES-X205, Application of connectors, miniature XLR-type polarity and gender
SCOPE This standard shall apply to three-pin and five-pin circular connectors, generically known as miniature XLR-type, used for the connection of balanced audio signals between sound system components for professional audio and similar applications, regardless of function, type, or level of the signal. It specifies the application and polarity of signals for these connectors. This standard does not pertain to the dimensions of the connectors and does not consider safety issues arising from usage.
RATIONALE The value of standardizing application and polarity in the conventional XLR connector has been demonstrated in AES14. This new standard will extend these benefits to the miniature version in its various applications.
WHO BENEFITS? Users and manufacturers of equipment using these connectors.
WHY AES? AES members increasingly rely on these connectors in key applications including microphone connections to radio transmitters. Clarity through standardization will benefit these members and the manufacturers that serve them.
AES - Audio Engineering Society