AES-X189 initiation

[page updated 2010-05-31]

This project was proposed by Eddy Bogh Brixen and David Josephson. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the working group SC-04-04 on Microphone Measurement and Characterization.

TITLE AES-X189, Connector for surround microphones
SCOPE to establish a standard for the connector type and contact assignment for microphones having four or more balanced analog output channels, as used in surround sound applications. It will include specifications for marking and identification for the audio channels. It will include recommendations for cable type and detailed wiring.
RATIONALE Modern recording techniques for surround sound applications often uses an array of microphones with a predetermined physical relationship. Individual connections using conventional microphone cables become sufficiently bulky and heavy that the practical options for placing the microphones in any sound field is unnecessarily constrained, and important recording options are compromised. A standard connector that is able to handle a range of surround microphone types will allow greater placement speed and recording flexibility, and will allow manufacturers of microphones, recording equipment, and interconnect cables to design with confidence.
WHO BENEFITS? Sound recording engineers will benefit through an improved ability to place surround-sound microphone arrays with greater freedom and speed. Makers of recording equipment, and makers and installers of cables and cable accessories will be able to specify interface connections with greater confidence.
LIAISONS AESSC SC-05-02 Working Group on Audio Connectors; IEC TC48; IEC TC100
WHY AES? This application of technology directly relates to the core interests of the AES. The AES is the only body able to promulgate a solution for this specific technical issue worldwide.
AES - Audio Engineering Society