AES-X182 initiation

[page updated 2008-09-03]

This project was proposed by Umberto Zangieri through working group SC-02-02. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the working group SC-02-02 on digital input/output interfaces.

TITLE AES-X182, AES/Ethernet Simple Open Protocol
SCOPE to specify a means for transmission over category 5 data cable of unidirectional digital audio and bidirectional control data. Intended applications are active loudspeakers and amplifiers for live performance and for installations.
RATIONALE An open specification for remotely connecting an amplifier that may have onboard digital signal processing, and provide a vendor dependent control path, is currently not available; proprietary standards are available but are not optimal for low channel counts from the economical point of view.
WHO BENEFITS? Manufacturers and users of remote-controlled amplifiers and powered loudspeakers.
WHY AES? AES has expertise with AES3 for digital audio and also networked control
AES - Audio Engineering Society