AES-X160 initiation

[page updated 2007-01-28]

This project was proposed by David Josephson, chair of working group SC-04-04. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the working group SC-04-04 on Microphones, 2007-01-28.

TITLE AES-X160 Powering and Analog Interface for Constant-Current Line Drive Transducers
SCOPE To define the powering parameters for constant current line drive (CCLD) transducers such as microphones, which may also be compliant with IEEE 1451.4.
OUTPUT INTENT Information document
RATIONALE IEEE 1451.4 defines a class of selfdescribing sensors and their interface, using the Maxim/Dallas "1-Wire" memory to store a "Transducer Electronic Data Sheet" (TEDS) and to power the transducer electronics. The data format is well defined, but the powering parameters are not. This powering interface is also useful for transducers that do not implement the full TEDS data exchange specified in IEEE 1451.4. However, some of these transducers are damaged if they are connected to 1451.4-compliant systems. Defining the powering interface more clearly will permit this interface to be used by a wider user base, perhaps also outside the measurement community.
WHO BENEFITS? Manufacturers and users of measurement microphones; and manufacturers and users of transducers in other applications making use of this powering interface.
WHY AES? AES standards is the appropriate standardization body to address this issue because it covers both manufacturers and professional users of microphones.
AES - Audio Engineering Society