AES Standards rules & procedures

  • AES policy and guidelines - Standards and patent rights
    This document, revised in 2014, describes the method by which patented or proprietary items may be incorporated into AES standards.
              AES Patent Statement Form

  • AESSC policy (.pdf)
    Policy has been updated according to decisions by the AES Board of Governors 1999-09, and revised in 2012

  • AESSC operating procedures (.pdf)
    Updated with changes made by board of governors in 1999, and revised in 2012.

  • AESSC rules (.pdf)
    The current version was approved by AESSC letter ballot and published in the September 1993 JAES. Category-D IEC liaison rules have been added and the designator "ID" for information documents has been changed to "id". Subclause 12.1.2, 12.1.2, and 12.2 have been added or modified to clarify Internet communications. Subclause 16.4 has been added to provide rules for translation. Project designators clarified. Clause 17 on Stablized Documents added following approval by AESSC letter ballot, 2008-07-17. Clause 13 on Supporting Contributors was amended following a ballot of the AESSC on 2013-01-31.

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