AES Standards rules & procedures

  • AES policy and guidelines - Standards and patent rights (.pdf)
    This document, revised in 2014, describes the method by which patented or proprietary items may be incorporated into AES standards.
              AES Patent Statement Form (.pdf)

  • AESSC policy (.pdf)
    Policy has been updated according to decisions by the AES Board of Governors 1999-09, and revised in 2012

  • AESSC operating procedures (.pdf)
    Updated with changes made by board of governors in 1999, and revised in 2012.

  • AESSC rules (.pdf)
    These rules were approved in July 1993 by the AESSC but are subject to revisions and additions. Clause 17 on Stabilized Documents was added following a ballot of the AESSC on 2007-07-17. Clause 13 on Supporting Contributors was amended following a ballot of the AESSC on 2013-01-31.

    A general revision, approved following a ballot of the AESSC on 2014-04-08, updated the document to recognise the use of the AESSC web site and email reflectors, and to make clause numbering more helpful. In addition, clause 9 was substantially revised to clarify the AES patent policy, and new clauses were added to clarify our working language (12.0), and code of conduct (12.3).

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