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AES Standards SC-03-12 Working Group on Forensic Audio is restarting

The AES Standards Committee has decided to restart its Working Group on Forensic Audio.  The initial project, led by John Hansen of the US NIST OSAC – SPEAKER Committee, is to establish the OSAC SPEAKER “AUDIO COLLECTION GUIDELINES” as a standard.    Now that the Working Group on Forensic Audio has been re-established it may also pursue development of standards in other areas of Forensic Audio.

AES Standards Working Groups meetings are held electronically on a schedule determined by the group and also typically meet physically twice per year at the Society's conventions in the US and Europe. It is also possible to participate in the biannual physical meetings through electronic means.   Much of a groups work is accomplished by email and documents presented to or generated by the group are kept in an online document repository accessible by group members.  There is no fee to be a member of an AES Working Group, nor do you have to be an AES member.

If you would like to participate in, or just monitor progress of, this group please join online or contact the Standards Manager.

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Posted: Monday, January 20, 2020

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