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AES-14id-2010, Universal jack connector

 AES-14id-2010 (r2015) AES information document for interconnections - Universal jack for IEC 60603-11 and B gauge 6,35 mm plugs has been reaffirmed in a new printing. 

Users of test equipment and portable audio equipment such as mixers and direct-injection (DI) boxes, may have to handle 'consumer' type equipment that uses the IEC 60603-11 3 contact (tip-ring-sleeve, or TRS) 6,3 mm plug connector and also professional equipment that uses the B-gauge connector. Traditionally, this has required the use of numerous ad-hoc adapters and connecting leads with different plugs at each end. Neither solution is very convenient and may be unreliable. 

Jack connectors that can accommodate both types of plug have existed for some time, but are not well known. Some TRS jacks will accommodate both types of plug but are not specified by the manufacturer for such use. Clause 5 recommends jack dimensions that are specified to have the required "universal" capability. This does not imply that there may not be others.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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