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AES/EBU collaboration for next-generation audio over IP

The next step in pushing forward audio over IP in broadcasting and other professional audio media has been taken: a collaboration between the Audio Engineering Society and the European Broadcasting Union with the goal to further develop packet-based audio network standards. 

The focus of the work lies on audio interoperability over high-performance IP networks. The proposed standard defines an interoperabity mode applicable to a number of existing audio networking technologies including the EBU’s ACIP-standard. The EBU represents the technical interests of an important user community who will be a significant beneficiary of this technology.

Building on previous and continuing ACIP and ACIP2 work in the EBU, AES work is proceeding in task group SC-02-12-H under project AES-X192. The group is chaired by Kevin Gross. The group already includes some key ACIP2 members. A draft of the proposed standard is being reviewed in the task group.

A formal liaison officially called "Next generation AES/EBU interface based on IP technology" has recently been established. Within ACIP2, Sonja Langhans will support and manage this activity with experts from ACIP members and manufacturers.

EBU members and manufacturers are welcome to participate. For further information visit the task-group web site at To participate, please follow the links at; membership in SC-02-12-H is open to any directly and materially affected individuals.

In 2007, the European Broadcasting Union published a technical interoperability specification, Tech 3326, intended for audio over IP contribution devices. This was the output of the EBU ACIP project group which had regular meetings for 6 years with EBU members (broadcasters) and manufacturers.

Partly Inspired by this project, in 2009, the Audio Engineering Society launched a standards project to set an interoperability standard for high-quality audio with PCM over high-performance IP networks. 

Considering these two groups with similar scope, the EBU proposed to establish a close liaison between AES and EBU with the goal to define a common AES/EBU standard for Audio over IP networks in professional environments for both, Local Area Networks and long distance WAN.

The AES Standards Committee is the organization responsible for the standards programme of the Audio Engineering Society. It publishes a number of technical standards, information documents and technical reports.

Working groups and task groups with a fully international membership are engaged in writing standards covering fields that include topics of specific relevance to professional audio.

Membership of any AES standards working group is open to all individuals who are materially and directly affected by the documents that may be issued under the scope of that working group.

Complete information, including scopes of working groups and project status is available at

Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012

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