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AES6-2008, weighted peak flutter of analogue sound recording equipment, has been reaffirmed

 AES6-2008 (r2012), AES Standard - Method for Measurement of Weighted Peak Flutter of Analogue Sound Recording and Reproducing Equipment has been reaffirmed.

Weighted peak flutter is measured using a 3150-Hz tone transmitted through the equipment. The tone is frequency demodulated, frequency-response weighted, peak-to-peak detected, time-response weighted, and read out on a two-sigma statistical voltmeter over a period of at least 5 s.  

A toleranced graph and table give the frequency-response weighting. The preferred statistical voltmeter is described; it replaces the earlier quasi-peak meter.

This standard has technical requirements identical to IEC 60386 Ed.1 1972 as amended by IEC 60386-am1, 1988. Measurement results according to this standard are identical to those made according to the older standards originally published as IEEE Std-193, IEC 60386 Ed.1 1972, CCIR 409-2, and DIN 45 507.

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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