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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 13, 2012

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I. Introductions

A. Discussions of current CRAS curriculum and thoughts of our CRAS
experiences thus far

II. Ideas for future clinics and workshops

A. Video game night

1. Dave Kalberg - possible sponsor

B. Pro Tools Tricks and Tips Clinic

1. Phillip Nichols - possible sponsor

2. Possibly limited to 4th or 5th cycle and up

C. Impulse Response Clinic

1. Jason Robey - possible sponsor

D. Music Theory Clinic

1. Brian Burrill - possible sponsor

E. Critical Listening (Mixing Block)

1. Alan Leggett - possible sponsor


2. Distribute mix one week - meet again next week to compare and listen to
mixes critically

F. Talk to Jeff Thomas about mic builds, etc.

G. Mac 201 Clinic

1. Jess Repanshek - possible sponsor

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