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Argentina - April 23, 2012

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Full Day Seminar on Live Sound

With an attendance that exceeded expectations, April 23th saw the first Seminar on Live Sound, held at the ECOS School of Sound in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The day went by along several activities developed simultaneously, and participants were rotated to access the various options for the 5 hour-event. The whole scheme included the screening of the documentary, "Secrets of live sound (the story told by the specialists)". This activity was developed inse the control room in ECOS' studio, allowing participants to appreciate the filmed experience stories by professional sound engineers Adrian Bilbao, Camacho Cagliero, Marcelo Coca Monte, and others.

In another sector inside the school, objective listening of the french Focal studio monitors was taking place, each attendee having been invited to bring their own sound material and make personal hearing choices for models CMS 40, CMS 50 and CMS 65 and Series SM6: Solo 6, Twins 6 and CMS Sub Sub 6.

Afterwards, keynote speaker Carlos Boffa gave a detailed presentation about the technological innovations involved in the design of the cones and tweeters of these monitors, and right after, Indio Gauvron (AES Argentina chairman) spoke about the AES and the benefits of being part of the Society, while Cana San Martín (AES Argentina) and Natalia Sotelo (AES Argentina) spoke about coming activities for AES ARG and about the student sections, referring especially to AES ECOS Student Section'swork and research developed in recent years.

The end of this seminar, Nestor Stazzoni, a sound engineer with many years of experience on live sound, spoke about the signal chain for PA and monitors, while also explaining the specific components from the audio chain on live operation and demonstrating how technology, knowledge and procedures helped to find the appropriate solution every time in his career.

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