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Japan - January 27, 2012

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We would like to report a meeting of January 2012 as we conducted a studio tour of redesigned Kadokawa Daiei post production studio.
The tour begun from a renewal preview room where speakers explained total concept of Kadokawa Daiei studio and its all facilities, and also they described how they turned the ideal thought into reality while explaining the way of producing its acoustic design.
One of remarkable topic was that both dubbing room and preview room have same four way speakers and power-amps within same room dimension and acoustic design concept. The result of that a product can be reviewed as same acoustic environment as mixing stage.
Mr. Sakiyama, acoustic designer of Kadokawa Daiei studio, said it was one of the challenge upon construction.
After participating the brief describing session, we visited actual dubbing stage, edit rooms and foley stage with their explanation guide.
Lastly, back to preview room, each speaker answered questions from participants which mainly focused on their studio equipment selections and acoustic design of renewal Kadokawa Daiei studio.

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