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Japan - December 14, 2011

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At December 2011 meeting, we invited the guest speaker Mr.Yasuo Hijikata, field recording engineer.
The theme was "Power of natural sound and field recording."
Contents were his past "field recording explanation," "sound demonstration(surround)," "Research presentation of Hoso Bunka Fund," and "Future outlook."
While exchanging Hijikata's description of the "Sound Demo" was very easy to understand. He especially mentioned his example of documentary program and detail of the recording in Kenya and other countries around the world.
In addition, another interesting report was his introduction of a variety of the microphone array experiments in the field recording and each its sound demonstration on "research presentation."
The "Future outlook" at the end, "reuse method of the sound source" has been proposed, and it clarified our one of future agenda. The last question and answer session, as we lively exchanged views, was very much a question about microphone array.
After the meeting, we held a "year-end party" annual where each member have made a valuable exchange of opinions such as plan activities for next year.

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