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Japan - November 1, 2011

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131th AES convention was held at New York on October 20th and 23rd 2011. We reported the overviews regarding the 131th AES convention.

The lecture were made by Mr. Yamazaki who is vice chair of AES Japan, Mr. Nakahara who is acoustic-designer at SONA Corporation and the last, Ms. Sato who is a student of Tokyo University.

Firstly, Mr. Yamazaki explained the notable equipments at the Exhibition.
From all other remarkable equipments, "Pro tools 10" release as well as many kinds of "Loudness meter" were particularly made our attentions.

Secondly, Mr. Nakahara explained about overviews on "workshop," "paper" and "tutorials" of the each session.
He also reported the details of the "game audio workshop" which he participated as a presenter himself.

Lastly, Ms. Sato , from the student section, reported about activities of student section.

On the other point of view, the exhibition-report shows a serious situation of the exhibition. It revealed less exhibitors than last convention at New York.
We should not to be optimistic about the future of audio industry.

After meeting, we held a social hours which discussed and exchanged ideas of the possibilities of our activities.

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