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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 1, 2012

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Still waiting to hear con?rmation from: Scott Murray/Nate Hardman. Chuck Swank
advises he'll likely be able to record piano samples possibly after any upcoming week 3
between now and the end of February. Swank also advised Benton that he is good for
any date in March for the booking of the live sound room for the sample clinic. Matt
Luckett recon?rmed that he is available for the drum tuning/tech clinic on Friday, March
16th, 2012. Keith Morris's Magic Box Build is being held tomorrow in the live sound
room. AES President and Vice President will be in attendance. For the open house,
there are brochures ready to print. There will also be handbills and possibly pictures and
videos of prior clinics. Benton will be checking in with Jason Lossett on the slideshow of
AES for the Open House. Benton will check with Jimmy Naron about the logistics of the
Open House regarding AES.

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